SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration, San Diego 2014

Last year was my daughter‘s first visit to SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration. We enjoyed the snow, shows, and family fun so much and couldn’t wait to go back for this year’s celebration. We visited SeaWorld many times this year but the holidays are always a great time to spend at the park. Last year we were amazed by an introduction to how the park makes gourmet dining accessible to all guests and were again completely impressed by the dining options during SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration.


The decorations are always a fun way to enjoy the holiday season. The big tree at the entrance is the first place to stop for a photo. As you stroll into the park you’ll see many different displays and when the sun goes down, the entire park lights up.


Like last year, Snow World was one of my daughter’s favorite attractions. She had fun sledding and playing in the snow. 


The holiday treats include a variety of cinnamon rolls, hot chocolate and sweets in the market.


My absolute favorite addition to the park during this holiday season is the gourmet grilled cheese cart. With options like the Philly Billy, Meltdown @ Bay of Play, Chicken Louise, and the Bacon-tarian I had a hard time making a selection. Upon ordering you can watch as your grilled cheese is made. It comes right off the grill and is the perfect hot sandwich for an afternoon enjoying the festivities.


I ordered the Bacon-tarian and it was amazing!


We made it to the last evening show of Clyde & Seamore’s Christmas Special. Watching the sea lions take an imaginary ride in Santa’s sleigh was hilarious. My daughter loves feeding the sea lions at SeaWorld and we also enjoy seeing the Clyde & Seamore show. This year she learned so much about sea lions and is convinced she will grow up to be a sea lion trainer. 


Following the show we were invited to a SeaWorld hosted dinner. We met Chef Axel at the holiday event last year and over the course of this year we have learned so much about his initiative to offer gourmet dining to guests in the park. We were treated to Chef’s amazing mac & cheese and a variety of gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. Cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate were the perfect dessert. 


After dinner we watched the Shamu Christmas Miracles show. The music and lights along with the graceful whales created a beautiful holiday presentation.


We had an excellent family day at SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration. Other attractions at the event include Santa’s cottage, the Christmas Tree of Lights, Breakfast with Shamu and Santa, The Reindeer Training Academy and more. When you visit make sure you stop by the gourmet grilled cheese cart! The holiday event is included with your admission and is happening now through the end of the year. Be sure to check the SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration calendar before the visit.

To learn more about SeaWorld’s commitment to maintaining their position as a world leader in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, read the open letter from SeaWorld’s animal advocates. Read why I choose to support SeaWorld if you are interested in our frequent visits to the parks. 

If  you feel as passionately as I do that SeaWorld provides excellent care for all their animals, are leaders in animal conservation, and are providing abundant educational opportunities, please  join the SeaWorld Truth Team to learn how you can stand with SeaWorld.

Connect with SeaWorld San Diego on FacebookInstagram, and with Clyde the Sea Lion on Twitter to learn more about the park and special events. 

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