Experience gourmet dining at SeaWorld® San Diego

While attending SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration in San Diego last week we were able to spend some time learning about the new dining options. Executive Chef Axel Dirolf has made great changes to the park menus and is introducing a new way to experience gourmet dining at SeaWorld® San Diego.

Experience gourmet dining at SeaWorld San Diego

Your amusement park dining expectations will be rocked by the new approach with fresh food and bold flavors. We were treated to a dining experience with Chef Axel featuring some of the new menu options that can be found throughout the park.

Dining experience at SeaWorld San Diego

He was incredibly friendly and enthusiastic about the new dining concepts.   

Chef Axel Dirolf of SeaWorld San Diego

He has already completely revamped the dining options with many choices I wouldn’t expect to see at an amusement park.  One of our favorite dishes of the evening was the grilled cheese and tomato soup. The creamy goat cheese in the warm sandwich was excellent paired with the tomato soup. This dish is the perfect combination of comfort foods and would be great on a cool day in the park.

Goat cheese grilled cheese and tomato soup SeaWorld San Diego

The three different mac and cheese dishes were nothing short of amazing. My very picky daughter couldn’t get enough of the classic mac and cheese. The other two dishes added bacon as well as turkey and sweet potatoes. All of the mac and cheese dishes are available during the Christmas Celebration.

Gourmet mac and cheese at SeaWorld San Diego

After enjoying the main dishes we sampled a few holiday themed desserts. My daughter was a big fan of the snowman cupcakes while I preferred the seasonal cheesecake. We all enjoyed the cone of fudge featuring a variety of flavors. I tend to avoid purchasing fudge in bakeries because it is so rich and I find it challenging to pick a flavor. A cone with small bites in a variety is the perfect way to enjoy fudge with out committing to the wrong choice. 

Holiday desserts at SeaWorld San Diego

Engaging with Chef Axel showed us how passionate he is about creating a gourmet dining experience for each guest. He brings a new approach that delivers the unexpected.

Learning from Chef Axel Dirolf at SeaWorld San Diego

Your normal hot dog and popcorn experience at an amusement park is not what you’ll find here. While quick and inexpensive is a high priority among visitors, Chef Axel provides the option to see your fresh food being made with many unique flavors you wouldn’t normally experience at an amusement park. Guests are now able to watch as their food is being prepared. There is no more wondering about when your food will be delivered because it is being created while you watch. The unique experience guarantees fresh meals created specifically for you.

Chef Axel’s traditional mac and cheese can be enjoyed in the park and would also make a great addition to your family holiday meal. Last year the Inside SeaWorld blog shared Chef Axel’s Baked Mac and Cheese Recipe. I know what will be debuting at my family Thanksgiving dinner this year!

Chef Axel's Baked Mac and Cheese Recipe from the SeaWorld blog

With so many new exciting options, our next visit will include the opportunity to experience gourmet dining at SeaWorld San Diego.

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Disclosure: Our family received complimentary tickets to SeaWorld to attend the Christmas Celebration preview and have an extensive dining experience with Chef Axel Dirolf.  All opinions are my own.

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