SEA LIFE Arizona Young Environmentalists Science Program

Last year our oldest daughter was invited to participate in the SEA LIFE Arizona Young Environmentalists science program. It’s a great learning opportunity for children age 6-10 with hands on experiments, lectures and many behind the scenes views of the aquarium. She has a great love for the ocean and naturally thrived in the program; she is excited to participate in the Young Environmentalists 2017! They are currently accepting applications through January 29th to participate in this year’s program. 

SEA LIFE Arizona Young Environmentalists science program

The group is made up of 10 children enthusiastic to learn about ocean conservation and science at the aquarium. Each month a class with a new theme is hosted including a lecture and hands on learning experiment. Sometimes the group visits behind the scenes areas of the aquarium too. Occasionally the group meets outside of SEA LIFE for special projects, like this year’s canal clean up.

SEA LIFE ArizonaYoung Environmentalists class

We don’t live near the ocean so it’s important our children are learning about conservation with other educational opportunities. SEA LIFE Arizona is full of passionate employees to help teach the children about different science topics. It’s refreshing to see their enthusiasm as they interact and answer questions from the young group. Each month we met different aquarium staff including scientists, aquarists and graduate students.

SEA LIFE Arizona Young Environmentalists employees

The hands on experiments included dissections, fossil exploration, chemical balances and more.

SEA LIFE Arizona Young Environmentalists dissection SEA LIFE Arizona Young Environmentalists microscope SEA LIFE Arizona Young Environmentalists experiment

After each class the group visited the SEA LIFE Arizona aquarium to further discuss what they had learned and have fun exploring together. 

SEA LIFE Arizona Young Environmentalists fun

The canal clean up was a fun project reinforcing helping to keep our waters clean. The science group had so much fun completing the project and were very proud by all the trash they collected.

SEA LIFE Arizona Young Environmentalists canal cleanupSEA LIFE Arizona Young Environmentalists canal clean up group

SEA LIFE Arizona is located inside the Arizona Mills Mall and is open daily. As a member of the Young Environmentalists science group, children and their parents receive special invitations to the latest events and sneak-peeks at SEA LIFE Aquarium. The participating child and one care taker receives a free annual pass to visit the aquarium as often as you would like – we were there weekly all year! 

SEA LIFE Arizona aquarium

If you have a 6-10 year old child interested in science and ocean conservation, apply to the Young Environmentals 2017 science group! To apply submit a video, photo, drawing or project by mail or email that demonstrates:

1. Different ways to get involved in protecting the environment: River-clean-ups, recycling at home or school & visiting aquariums that help raise awareness for conservation are all great examples! 

2. Why YOU deserve to be a Young Environmentalist! Submit a drawing or write a letter describing your ideas for a local conservation project that helps the environment.

Do you have a child that would be a perfect match for the SEA LIFE Arizona Young Environmentalists 2017?

Learn more about SEA LIFE Arizona by connecting with them on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. We have been visiting the aquarium since it opened in 2010. See our family experiences and why we enjoy spending family days there.

If you would like to learn more about my daughter’s love for the ocean and marine animals, see her contributions to the SeaWorld blog.

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