Recycled Mailer DIY Happy Mail Packaging

I recently learned about the Happiest Tee and can’t wait for one of my favorite people to receive her gift this week. Although I would love to have the Happiest Tee for myself, when offered a complimentary shirt I chose to send it to a sweet friend because I know she’ll adore it! The “Happiest in Nashville” sweatshirt is for a friend that moved out of state to open her own boutique. She’s making so many friends and family proud and we are all so happy seeing her happiest in Nashville! I made DIY happy mail packaging with a recycled mailer and know she’s going to love the sparkly package! The mailer is a great way to reuse mailers and envelopes instead of throwing them away and having to purchase packing supplies. 

recycled mailer DIY happy mail package

Last year one of my closest work friends, Kate, and I both ended up leaving the company where we worked. I was moving on to a different employment opportunity and she left to pursue the dream of opening her own boutique. She ambitiously moved from Bentonville, Arkansas to Nashville, Tennessee with her new business plan. She has been renovating a storefront for several months and the boutique, Alexis+Bolt, is opening in just a couple of weeks. Kate and I worked long hours together on many projects and although we live in different states, became extremely close. The last time I saw Kate, fall 2016, was in Arkansas and also our last few weeks of us working together. It was a full week of many snaps sharing memories with my “bestest BFFest most favoritest human ever.” I’m so proud of her for following her dreams and starting her own business. 

Alexis + Bolt Owner Kate

Kate moved to another state leaving family and friends behind in Arkansas. She has rocked this transition and now couldn’t be happier with her decision to move to Nashville making the Ashton Sweatshirt Happiest Tee a perfect gift.  

Happiest Tee Happiest in Nashville

DIY Happy Mail Packaging 


Print the mailing label on a 4″ x 6″ photo or index card. Write in the mailing and your return address. Obviously I’m not sharing Kate’s mailing address in this post because although she’s stunningly beautiful, she surely wouldn’t appreciate the fan mail at her home. 

Happy Mail package supplies

Wrap the mailer with the Duct tape beginning at the end without the flap. Carefully cover the end of the mailer first then wrap the packaging in strips of tape.   

Happy Mail package recycle

Continue wrapping until the entire package is covered but be careful not to cover the underside of the flap with the adhesive strip for sealing.

Happy Mail package instructions

Use double sided tape or a glue stick to attach your happy mail label. 

happy mail package print

Then send the happy mail package on it’s way to brighten a favorite friend’s day. The recycled mailer is a great way to reuse mailers and envelopes you have received in the mail. Yay for recycling and yay for happy mail – a double win! 

Check out Alexis+Bolt on Facebook and Instagram to follow along the fun as they are quickly approaching their grand opening in February!

Alexis + Bolt Instagram

Maybe you have a friend who loves their hometown, or a favorite vacation spot, or maybe they can’t stop talking about that amazing travel destination where they met their significant other. Or maybe you have an incredible friend that moved to Nashville all by herself to open the boutique she always dreamed of creating. The Happiest Tee is a perfect gift for everyone because you get to customize the city, state or destination. Sent in my blue sparkly DIY happy mail packaging with a fun “Yay” American Greetings card, this package is to share how unbelievably proud I am of my work bestie!

Happiest Tee gift

Where are you happiest? 

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