Save on your FROZEN DVD purchase with Kidfresh for mealtime fun

A couple of years ago during a very busy Thanksgiving week, our family discovered Kidfresh, the healthy and quick meals for kids. The freezer meals are 100% natural and full of hidden veggies. You get all the benefits of a quick meal for your child with out having to sacrifice nutrition. Kidfresh is collaborating with Disney to help you save on the purchase of the newly released FROZEN blu-ray combo pack. Kids are definitely happy with yummy meals and their new favorite movie. Busy parents are happy too with just a few minutes to prepare a meal and a family friendly movie to create memories together.


My daughter is flat out obsessed with FROZEN. Going to the Disney FROZEN character experience at Disneyland and meeting Elsa and Anna was unforgettable. She sings the FROZEN soundtrack all day long, we listen to the music every chance she has access to a playing device (her iPad, the car radio, streaming through Apple TV, etc.). With her love for FROZEN, shopping for Kidfresh frozen meals was easy. I asked her which meal she preferred when we were at the grocery store. She told me she would love all of the Kidfresh meals because they had a picture of FROZEN on the package. She’s already a fan of the muy cheesy quesadilla and wagon wheels mac + cheese so I picked up a few more variations to add to our freezer. 


Preparing the meals are super easy with just a few minutes in the microwave. My daughter really likes rice and I expected she would enjoy the rainbow rice + chicken. 


The meals do not have a single drop of anything artificial and come out of the microwave smelling yummy. The recyclable containers can go right from the dinner table to your recycling bin. The rainbow rice + chicken was full of colorful peas and corn and looked delicious. 


I put the rice in a bowl and reminded my daughter we could have a FROZEN movie night with dinner. I’m not sure there is anything better you could tell a five year old. 

kidfresh-meal-and-FROZEN-DVD savings

Purchase any 2 Kidfresh meals (date of purchase March 1 – May 15, 2014) and Disney’s FROZEN Blu-ray Combo Pack (date of purchase March 18 – May 15, 2014) and Save $5 by Mail-In Rebate. See the Disney + Kidfresh rebate form for full details.

Be sure to bring along the $1.00 off coupon the next time you go grocery shopping.

To learn more about  Kidfresh connect with them on Facebook,  Instagram, and Twitter. Follow along on Pinterest for more healthy meal ideas. While printing the Disney + Kidfresh rebate form  you can also download Disney FROZEN activity sheets.

Join the #FrozenKidfresh Twitter party Wednesday, March 19 at 8:30pm EST to chat about FROZEN Food Month, the collaboration with Disney, and helathy Kidfresh meals.

Enter to win a “Kidfresh + Disney Frozen Prize pack” by following Kidfresh on Instagram, upload a photo of your kids eating Kidfresh meals and/or watching Disney’s FROZEN Movie. Be sure to tag @Kidfreshfoods and include #Frozenkidfresh.

Which Kidfresh meal do you think will be a favorite in your home?

Disclosure: I received complimentary product coupons to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.

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