Salute our heroes with Nestle Coffee-mate


My mornings usually begin with a cup of coffee and sometimes, during my busy days, I drink another in the afternoon. I’ve been using Nestle Coffee-mate creamer for years and now I’m proud to be part of their endeavor to give back to wounded military members and their families. As we are all honoring and saluting military heroes this season, Nestle is donating to Operation Homefront, an organization that helps provide assistance to wounded military members and their families. With many family members previously and currently in the military, I’m happy I can help honor their service. My youngest brother is currently serving in the ARMY and my family misses him just as much today as we did the first day he left for boot camp. We are eight years apart in age but share a close bond over coffee. For as long as I can remember my brother and I both have started each morning with a cup of coffee. This year each time I pour my own cup of coffee I will be thinking of my brother and all the soldiers.


I am the oldest of three children. Growing up with two younger brothers meant I was a friend, role model, and super annoying big sister. Like most siblings, I remember disputes over toys at home and silly arguments on our way to school each morning. But more than that, I remember our family vacations, how proud we were of each other’s accomplishments, and the close bond I shared with my brothers. I remember the day my youngest brother told me he was going to the ARMY. While fully supportive and proud of his decision, I selfishly felt sad about the idea of missing my little brother. Years later, I couldn’t be more proud. Last summer he came home for his wedding and although we would love to see him more often, our family is so proud of his service to our country. 


 My brothers and I together at my youngest brother’s (right) wedding
photo courtesy Tanner Yeager Photo 2013


Nestle has decorated their Coffee-mate creamer bottles this season with patriotic stars and stripes to honor our military heroes. The red, white, and blue creamer bottles remind us to help honor those who have fought for our freedom.


The Coffee-mate creamer adds a rich, warm, and welcoming flavor to each cup of coffee. My favorite flavor is french vanilla but recently I’ve also been enjoying hazelnut too.


My brother was slated to go to Afghanistan in June, but as all military families know, plans change constantly. We don’t yet know his next move but regardless of where he goes, each morning cup of coffee I pour will come with a thought of appreciation for his service.


Thank you to all military members for your service.


 My brother’s surprise visit to my daughter’s preschool classroom, 2013


The Coffee-mate creamers featured in this #CMSalutingHeroes #CollectiveBias sponsored post are currently available at Walmart.

Learn more about how Nestle is donating to Operation Homefront  to help provide assistance to wounded military members and their families by connecting with them on Facebook and Twitter. Visit Flavorful Moments for recipe ideas and to learn about other great Nestle products. 

3 thoughts on “Salute our heroes with Nestle Coffee-mate”

    • Thanks for your kind words. We hope my brother stays close to home too but realize the likelihood of a deployment soon. Nestle does an excellent job with their endeavors and I love that Coffee-mate is making such a great contribution to salute our heroes!

  1. I can truly relate, as my little brother is in the Marines and has been deployed to Afghanistan twice. It’s hard at times. I thank your brother for his service and he is a true hero! #client


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