Princess Festival in Mesa, AZ July 8-12 (ticket giveaway)

It should come as no surprise to hear my daughter loves princesses. Our many visits to Disneyland and hours spent watching Disney movies at home has my daughter absolutely in awe each time she has the opportunity to greet a princess. Imagine her excitement when we learned of the  Princess Festival in Mesa, Arizona this summer. 


My daughter has always loved seeing princesses during our family visits to Disneyland. From her very first visit before she was even a year old, chatting and posing with the princesses has been a favorite thing to do in the park. When asked which princess is her favorite, she usually gives several different answers. 


Dressing up like Cinderella and princess tea parties happen daily at our house. Whether it be during pretend play at home, creating family memories at As You Wish,  or during a family vacation, my daughter is absolutely amused by Cinderella and the other princesses.


Of course I adore the princesses because they are beautiful but as a parent, I also love the stories behind each fairy tale princess. Just a few of my favorite life lessons from Disney Princesses include Princess Tiana showing us hard work does pay off and Rapunzel teaching you should always stand up for yourself. I want my daughter to grow up to be brave and confident just like the princesses she has idolized. I’m looking forward to taking my daughter to the Princess Festival because of the many great opportunities for her to learn being a princess is about more than just being pretty. The festival is where children can learn being a princess is about caring for others and sharing acts of kindness. 


The festival is hosted by the Clearview Cultural Center in Mesa, Arizona July 8-12, 2014. Basic tickets are for a half day (4 1/2 hour) experience with princesses, performers, and activities. Guests are welcomed to wear their favorite princess or prince costumes for an adventurous day. Music and story productions provide entertainment in between fun learning opportunities like crossing imaginary crocodile infested rivers and catching butterfly bubbles with nets. Magicians and face painting add to the fun at the festival.

Purchase your tickets onilne by selecting the Mesa, Arizona event and your preferred day and start time. Tickets are $30 for each child/parent pair and just $15 for each additional person in your party. Each basic ticket covers admission and activities for 4 1/2 hours on your designated day. 

Princess Festival

Clearview Cultural Center

 1355 S.  Clearview Ave., Mesa, AZ 85209

Tuesday-Saturday, July 8-12, 2014

9:00-4:00 daily

Will I see you at the Princess Festival?

One lucky Brie Brie Blooms reader will win a set of tickets (child/parent pair) to attend the Princess Festival on their desired day. 

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Learn more about the Clearview Cultural Center by connecting with them on Facebook and Twitter.

Until the Princess Festival, my daughter and I will be having fun making our own DIY Princess Aurora color bubbles.


Who is your favorite princess?

Disclosure: My daughter and I received complimentary tickets to attend the Princess Festival. All opinions are my own.

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