Reasons to Explore Local Playgrounds

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Reasons to Explore Local Playgrounds

Every child’s play experiences are different. My husband and I have very unique memories of playing as children when compared to each other. Children without siblings, children with a lot of siblings, varying interests, geographic locations, age, physical disabilities, and more are factors in our childhood experiences with play. The one thing we do know is that play is so important for building confidence and positively shaping our children. This week I surprised both my daughters with an early morning visit to the park. We picked up donuts on the way and explored a playground we hadn’t visited yet. The Landscape Structures Pioneer Park in Mesa, Arizona is fantastic. My girls had so much fun on this spontaneous morning playdate before they went to daycare and camp while I worked. It reminded us of the many reasons to explore local playgrounds and the memories we can make together at no monetary expense.

Our daughters are six years apart and it’s often challenging to find activities appropriate for them both together. Already knowing that Landscape Structures design playgrounds to allow children of all ages and physical abilities to play together, I was excited to visit Pioneer Park for the first time so my girls could play together. Right away they spotted a double swing they could share. My mama heart was happy hearing them giggle as they swang.

We love the Landscapes Structure message that “play will always shape us.” Watch their video to hear the empowering message about the importance of play. 

As much as I enjoyed both my daughters exploring independently, I also climbed all over this playground structure with them. “Mom, check this out! Come and climb with us,” was enough of an invite to take full advantage of the family fun. 

We played tag, we climbed, we pretended to be princesses and even put on our invisible space suits and went to Mars. This is what free play is all about, letting that inner child and creativity come out without boundaries. 

The impromptu jumping contest showed off some impressive heights and had my daughters laughing together. 

Like all Landscape Structures playgrounds, Pioneer Park is a signature gathering space for the community. Offering the most innovative play spaces, we definitely will be spending more time here.

Mastery and self-discovery can really nurture small psyches and instill lifelong skills. Little sister was so proud of herself as she climbed just like her big sister. 

Giving children the freedom to play allows them to gain confidence. By the end of our park visit, both my girls were confident climbing to the highest places in the playground and sliding down the biggest slides. 

We were there for about an hour and just before it was time to drive off to daycare, my youngest daughter said, “Today was a good day. Thank you for letting us play.” Children need the opportunities to explore play on their own terms, how they are most comfortable. Exploring your local playgrounds is a great way to spend time as a family and get to know your local community. You’ll be making memories, playing alongside your children, and building all the skills for your children to take with them as they grow.

What discoveries have you found while exploring your local playgrounds?

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Play time is so important for children and these reasons to explore local playgrounds are fantastic!


8 thoughts on “Reasons to Explore Local Playgrounds”

  1. Summer can be a lot of fun or super boring for the kiddos. They need to be constantly active. It’s incredible how much energy they have in those lil bodies lol I’m happy that there’s a lot of alternatives free of charge in communities and parks. I hope that you enjoyed your weekend!

    Candace Hampton

  2. What a super cute play area for kids! I recently found something similar in my community only 2 miles from my home. I had never heard of it but my grand kids absolutely love it and we’ll be going back again soon!

  3. The local.playgrounds are a hidden gem. We recently moved into a home we bought because the playground was literally across the streets. My girls loves the playing there and having a nice grass area to kick a ball around is useful.

  4. I always send my kids to play in the local playgrounds as I believe this very much helps in overall development of the kids. Nice to hear about Poineer Park as it looks amazing.


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