Guacamole Summer Wedge Salad

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Guacamole Summer Wedge Salad

Summer salads are my favorite and, with some many fresh summer ingredients, it is easy to get creative this season. This guacamole summer wedge salad has all the favorites that make it a sure fire hit with friends and family – grilled veggies, lime, cilantro and the easiest guacamole you’ll ever make. Red Gold salsa mixed with avocados is a perfect summer hack to a recipe that normally takes quite a bit longer to prepare.

We’ve been using Red Gold tomato ingredients all year and are excited to bring their salsa into our kitchen this summer. As someone who appreciates and understands the importance of family, I love using a product that shares those same values. Red Gold is family-owned and their products are grown on local Midwest family farms. They only use the freshest, best-tasting tomatoes, so I know that when I use their products in recipes for my family, they are getting the best quality.

I choose to use iceberg when making this salad for my family. It’s my mom’s preferred lettuce option – so this is a win for our family all around – a salad with her favorite starring ingredient and a nice compromise with my own favorite ingredient – guacamole!

Guacamole Summer Wedge Salad Recipe


  • Four avocados
  • Red Gold salsa mild
  • Grilled corn
  • Lime
  • Cilantro
  • Iceberg lettuce

To prepare grilled corn, peel husks back and remove silk. Add approximately 1 tablespoon butter and desired seasonings like salt and pepper to corn, then close husks. Wrap tightly in foil then place on grill. Turn once while grilling for approximately 30 minutes. Remove from grill and set aside, remove from cooled foil and set aside for use in the guacamole summer wedge salad.

Half avocados, remove pit and peel. Blend in bowl for smooth consistency then add approximately ½ cup Red Gold salsa.

Cut iceberg lettuce into four wedges. Top each wedge with guacamole mix and squeeze fresh lime over salad.

Add freshly grilled corn and cilantro to top of salad.

Enjoy with friends and family poolside or in your backyard with a gorgeous view of the sunset.

Our Arizona sky is unlike anywhere else in the summer and although it’s hot out, the monsoon rain and evening thunderstorms make it my favorite place to be. Add this to our favorite family time in the kitchen and we can’t wait to spend more time together.

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