Quick Decor: Curtains With Out a Rod

We have lived in our home for a almost two years and I had yet to hang curtains in our bedroom…until today.  I’m not ready to reveal all the changes I’m working on in the bedroom but I will happily share my quick curtain trick.  The walls in the room are a dark beige and our furniture is dark/cherry wood.  I’m really excited for a transformation bringing in some teal and brown accents but I had a difficult time deciding on curtains.  I’ve been seeking out fabric to make four panels for well over a year.  I finally stopped searching and pulled out curtains I had made for our last home’s master bedroom.  My first thought was that they were boring but I decided with the right accents in the room I’m okay with plain curtains.

just a glimpse into the bedroom with the “new” curtains (corner next to our bed)

My next problem was I didn’t have any curtain rods hanging in the room.  This meant I had to 1) invest in either the rods or supplies to make my own, and 2) hang them.  I was quickly losing my motivation this morning.  Then I realized I could hang the curtains directly on the wood valance above the blinds.

The valance was attached to the blinds, not the wall, with a metal clip.

I slid the curtains onto the valance right over the metal clips on the back.

clip is under curtain fabric

Then I hung the valance back on the window.  The clip easily slipped back onto the blinds. 

Quick and easy!  

I have a lot of work to do in this room but I’m excited to see one thing checked off my list.

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