I’m Excited for the Craftaholics Anonymous Gift Exchange!

I love networking with other creative people.  I would love the ability to make something pretty for every fun new person I meet.  You know, just bounce on over and hand them something I created.  There are two problems with that scenerio: 1) I meet fun people a lot and don’t have the resources to make something for everyone, and 2) people might think I’m a little odd.  Clearly I’m not living in la la land and am more selective about who I’m crafting for but I’m super excited about my enrollment in the Craftaholics Anonymous Gift Exchange!  It’s the opportunity to get to make something for a new online friend, just because.  There is no skill level required or spending/project expense guidelines.  I’m so excited!

Registration ends June 7 and your gift must be postmarked by June 30.  Go sign up if you are like me and want the opportunity to network, make some friends, gift, and receive!

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