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Our family recently traveled to Kauai, Hawaii with ResorTime. We were invited to a complimentary stay at the Hanalei Bay Resort for an entire week and our adventures included a long list of diverse activities. We visited many different beaches and my seven year old daughter discovered the joys of snorkeling in the beautiful clear water full of marine life. At the suggestion of a favorite marine biologist friend, I made her a child dive log so she could accurately document her experiences. She was very excited when I told her divers use dive logs to report the water conditions, locations, and marine life observed during each dive. She couldn’t wait to be a scientist and complete her dive log entries too. Use the free printable child dive log to create enthusiasm about the oceans and science.

Printable Child Dive Log

The Kauai beaches we visited were beautiful. Both our daughters enjoyed building sand castles, searching for shells, and playing in the shallow water. 

tunnel beach sand castle

hawaii water

Our seven year old daughter snorkeled with her dad every day and said the world below the water surface is magical. Sea turtles, parrot fish, and coral were her favorite observations but she loved the anticipation of seeing something different during each experience. 

hawaii snorkeling

Printable Child Dive Log tutorial 

Supplies (affiliate links provided for easy online shopping):

Printable Child Dive Log supplies

Print the  Free Printable Child Dive Log Cover and have your child write their own name. My daughter used different colors to neatly write her name on the cover. Insert the cover page in the clear top of the binder.

Printable Child Dive Log cover

Print 10 copies of the Free Printable Child Dive Log Entry Page. Place each copy in a sheet protector then in the binder. You will continue to fill the child dive log with blank entry pages as your child completes each entry. 

The child dive log entries should be completed soon after each dive, just like a real dive log used for research. My daughter really liked the idea of recording her experience so she would be able to reference her log later. Her second entry from snorkeling with her dad at Hanalei Bay in Kauai, Hawaii, noted observations of fox fish, parrot fish, and a black and white puffer fish. She noted the weather as warm and cloudy and her dad as her diving buddy. 

Printable Child Dive Log entry

Our visit to Hawaii with ResorTime was unforgettable and the child dive log entries are memories we can continue to enjoy.

Printable Child Dive Log binder

Do you have any beach visits planned where your children can start using the child dive log?

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