Chinese New Year Printable Treat Bag Tag

Earlier this week I was invited to help celebrate Chinese New Year with P.F. Chang’s Chinese New Year menu. The Chinese holiday is significant to my family because my seven year old daughter has been in a Mandarin Immersion elementary program for the past two years. She spends half of her classroom days with a Mandarin speaking teacher using very little English in the classroom. Prior to kindergarten, she did not speak the language or write the characters. In just two short years she can count and write to 100, knows many greetings, and can identify and read hundreds of characters. We enjoyed celebrating the Chinese New Year at P.F. Chang’s and my daughter is very excited to celebrate again with classroom treats for her friends Monday. The Year of the Monkey is a great reason to to use my Chinese New Year Printable Treat Bag Tag to share banana Laffy Taffy® and fortune cookies with friends.

Chinese New Year Printable treat bag tag

Pairing the Chinese New Year Printable Treat Bag Tag with a P.F. Chang’s gift card would also make an excellent gift for the teacher! The red Chinese characters on the bag tag say, “Happy Chinese New Year.” Not knowing how to read or speak Chinese, I’m amazed by how well the children in my daughter’s class can do both.

Chinese New Year Printable treat gift bag tag PF Changs

Chinese New Year Printable Treat Bag Tag tutorial


  • Chinese New Year Printable printed on your home printer (sized perfectly to fit 8 1/2″  11″ letter paper)
  • paper cutter or scissors
  • stapler
  • snack size plastic bags (enough for each classmate) 
  • fortune cookies (enough for each snack bag to include one cookie)
  • banana Laffy Taffy® (enough for each snack bag to include two pieces of candy)

Chinese New Year Printable treat gift bag tag supplies


1) Divide candy and cookies into snack bags. Each bag should be filled with two pieces of banana Laffy Taffy® and one fortune cookie.

2) Cut Printable Treat Bag Tag paper in half. Then fold each piece in half to create two individual bag toppers.

Chinese New Year Printable

3) Staple toppers to top of snack bags. 

Chinese New Year Printable treat gift bag tag tutorial

4) Share with your friends or classmates Monday, February 8th to celebrate Chinese New Year, the year of the monkey. 

P.F. Chang’s for dinner would be a great way to end your Chinese New Year celebration. 

Monday February 8th kicks-off the year of the Monkey and P.F. Chang’s is celebrating by hanging traditional Chinese red envelopes filled with free offers on trees near its restaurants. Five lucky winners across the country will open an envelope with free P.F. Chang’s for a year!

The Chinese New Year menu features six signature menu items that symbolically represent the luck of the new year, including:
  • Sichuan Chili Garlic Chicken
  • Hong Kong Style Sea Bass
  • Long Life Noodles & Prawns
  • Butternut Squash Dumplings
  • Mandarin Cake
  • Monkey Mule (a unique twist on the traditional Moscow Mule featuring Monkey Shoulder whisky and house-made ginger beer)
Throughout the entire month of February, P.F. Chang’s will donate $1 (up to $100,000) to Boys & Girls Clubs of America each time someone shares their Chinese New Year wish on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #PFChangswish and when a guest orders an item off the limited-time Chinese New Year menu.



Chinese New Year PF Changs entrance Chinese New Year PF Changs menu Chinese New Year PF Changs wishing tree

My favorite Chinese New Year dish during our family meal was the Hong Kong Style Sea Bass. It’s a wonderful flavor combination of fresh vegetables and light ginger seasoning. My seven year old daughter enjoyed dumplings while our baby was quite interested in the rice as seen in the picture below. Her chubby little hands couldn’t seem to stay off that rice!

P.F. Chang's Hong Kong Style Sea Bass

How will you celebrate Chinese New Year?

Learn more about P.F. Chang’s Chinese New Year celebration and menu by connecting with the restaurant on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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