Pre-K Classroom Weather Display, Fellowes Saturn2 95 Laminator Classroom Ideas and Giveaway

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Being a preschool teacher, I’m constantly laminating for classroom projects and displays.  The school where I teach has a laminator for the teachers to share but it seems we are always needing to laminate at the same time.  Receiving a Fellowes Saturn2 95 Laminator last week was a dream come true! Having my very own laminator will enable me to complete so many more classroom projects at home and avoid having to spend extra time waiting in line to use the school laminator.  Our classroom is currently welcoming new students and kicking off the new school year with fun back to school activities.  In addition to the many projects I have already used my laminator to create like my Behavior Management Dry Erase Chart for home, this week I put up a new weekly weather display in my classroom.

Pre-k Classroom Weather Display, Fellowes Saturn2 95 Laminator Classroom Ideas & Giveaway (3)

The Saturn2 95 Laminator is easy to use and heats up quickly unlike most laminators I’ve used before.  Using a laminator with preschool aged students in the classroom could be very dangerous but the HeatGuardโ„ข Teachnology keeps heat inside so the the laminator is not hot to the touch.  The Advanced Temperature Control provides hot and cold laminating capabilities to ensure consistent smooth results.  Have you ever tried to laminate something you spent time making only for it to jam in the laminator?  It’s happened to me before and I was very happy to learn my new laminator has a release lever to permit easy removal or re-centering to prevent jams.  

Pre-k Classroom Weather Display, Fellowes Saturn2 95 Laminator Classroom Ideas & Giveaway

Learning about the weather is exciting at four and five years old.  Each morning during our classroom circle time we talk about the weather and make daily predictions.   With back to school just kicking off I made a new helper chart.  We used each student’s photo on the top of a popsicle stick to create helper sticks to use when they are the classroom helpers.  Every morning each student is assigned a helper job.  The students have been very excited to get picked to be the weather helper for the week.

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At recess time the weather helper sits outside with friends and draws a picture of the weather along with practicing writing their name.   During our next circle time the weather helper gets to share their picture with the class and talk about predictions for the next day.  We have seen some very creative drawings and heard silly predictions.

Pre-k Classroom Weather Display, Fellowes Saturn2 95 Laminator Classroom Ideas & Giveaway (4)Instead of simply sending the drawings home each day, I made a weekly display to help teach the days of the week and give us an opportunity to further discuss the accuracy of our weather predictions.  I printed the words in a Word document and cut out weather shapes from construction paper.  I laminated each piece of the display and stuck them to our bathroom door in the classroom with sticky putty. 

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At the end of the week our weather helpers get to bring home a book full of their weather drawings.  Parents have really been enjoying seeing the creative drawings.

Pre-k Classroom Weather Display, Fellowes Saturn2 95 Laminator Classroom Ideas & Giveaway (5)

The weather display would be a fun addition to a playroom at home too.

Learn more about Fellowes by connecting with them on Twitter and Facebook.  You can find project ideas at Fellowes Idea Center and Fellowes on Pinterest.  The Fellowes Classroom Creativity Board has plenty of classroom ideas for teachers and homeschooling parents.  You could also use your laminator to make practice sheets to reinforce all the new skills your children are learning when they go back to school this year.  My Preschool – Back to School Board is where you’ll find projects and ideas I plan to use in my own classroom this year and at home with my four year old daughter.

Does your child have a teacher that has made a noticeable impact or maybe you remember one of your own favorite teachers?  I grew up in a small mining town and was not strongly encouraged to attend college.  If it wasn’t for one of my high school math teachers and mock trial coach, Mr. Hull, I might not have had the confidence to leave my small town to go to Arizona State University. The choices I made in my education have given me great opportunities and I’m very grateful for the support and encouragement I received from Mr. Hull.  Fellowes is currently running a “Celebration of Superstar Teachers” contest through September 30, 2013 on their Facebook page where you can nominate exceptional teachers to win a Fellowes classroom prize pack.  Be sure to share your experiences and let a superstar teacher know how they have made a difference in your life.

The Saturn2 95 Laminator is available for purchase at Staples and for a suggested retail price of 159.99.  Fellowes has a wide variety of laminators to suit a variety of needs. Fellowes products are also available at Walmart and

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  1. I would tackle the evergrowing pile of school and baby pictures that go in specific places, then the folder of artwork. I was thinking recipe cards as well so they don’t get messy. Awesome!!!!

  2. I would laminate all the important papers I keep in my desk. My daughter targets them when I’m not around and I’ve lost a lot of them to excessive crayon scribbling and spills of every nature! This would prevent any important paper from it’s untimely demise by 3 year old ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. I would love this because i like making bookmarks and having them laminated would def be a plus!!! And i do alot of crafting projects that would be great to be laminated

  4. I would laminate the decorations I made for my 5mo son. Then I would give it to a friend. She’s a new 1st grade teacher this year. Love the weather chart idea!

  5. I would laminate some signs for work and some recipes and newspaper articles. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  6. The first project I would do is make and laminate some of my daughters best art work, photos of my children, and a calender I can put on the fridge so I can use it as a white board.

  7. The first thing I would do is make some practice sheets that my 1st grader grandson son could use to practice writing his name with a vis a vi pen. You absolutely can’t read his writing. I think he would find this fun and it would work with him. Thanks for the opportunity.

  8. After spending hours making awesome looking letters for my Back to School bulletin board I couldn’t wait to get to school to laminate them…..the film in the laminator is out and they have no idea when we are getting more in! But, if I had my own laminator it would not be a problem!! It would also be great to laminate my students’ schedules to keep them intact for at least a week then my students won’t get lost (I teach special ed and it’s very confusing for the students who are new to the school). So, if I win, I will be really busy laminating!!!!

  9. I would love to laminate my grandmothers old recipe cards, important papers…certificates, awards, etc., and some of the kids art projects they’ve made….thanks for the opportunity…


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