Behavior Management, Dry Erase Chart for Preschool Aged Children at Home

With just one child it’s pretty safe to say my daughter has everything she could possibly need or want.  She’s a sweet and happy little girl that isn’t motivated by material objects.  However, like my husband and I, she is extremely competitive and will go to great lengths to win a challenge.  With her final year of preschool beginning I’ve noticed she gets very excited at the thought of picking an item from treasure box for making good choices in the classroom.  This week we’ve started a new behavior management system at home with our own treasure box being the reward after receiving 10 stars for good behavior.  

Behavior Management Dry Erase Chart for Home (4)

I created the chart by adding a table to a Word document with 10 spaces large enough to note the reason for the good behavior star.  My daughter was very excited to personalize the chart with her own stickers.

Behavior Management Dry Erase Chart for Home (2)

To avoid having to recreate the chart continuously, I laminated the page so it can be used with a dry erase marker.

Behavior Management Dry Erase Chart for Home (3)

The idea with this behavior management system is to select different positive behaviors for stars. If I am rewarding the same behavior my daughter will quickly lose interest in the chart.  

Behavior Management Dry Erase Chart for Home

The “treasure box” reward will be small but I plan to let my daughter select her own prize.  She has already asked if she can have a new puppy when she receives 10 good behavior stars.  We are certainly not getting a new puppy but I’m happy to see she is excited about our new behavior management chart at home.

What type of behavior management do you use in your home?

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