Plan a Blissful Mother’s Day – Hershey’s interview with Kerri Strug


Last month our family attended the Hershey’s Family Play Date with host Kerri Strug.  Our family had so much fun getting active together and we really enjoyed getting the opportunity to chat with Kerri Strug.  One of my favorite memories from the event was watching Kerri interact with my daughter.  Kids were drawn to her and she genuinely enjoyed her time with each child.    We know Kerri as the amazing olympic gymnast and gold medalist.  My daughter knows Kerri as the pretty lady that can hula hoop.

Plan a Blissful Mother's Day - Hershey's interview with Kerri Strug

Kerri has a baby boy and lit up every time she talked about him.  I had so much fun chatting about parenting together.  She is clearly passionate about her role as a mommy.

In honor of the upcoming Mother’s Day, Hershey’s asked Kerri a few questions about how she plans to celebrate the holiday.  She shared her ideas on how to plan a blissful Mother’s Day.

Happy (almost) Mother’s Day! How do you plan on celebrating the honorary day? 

This Mother’s Day, Robert, Tyler and I plan to go to brunch with my parents. Afterwards, we’ll take Tyler to a nearby park to crawl around on the swing set – he loves climbing up the stairs, crawling through the tunnel and going down the different slides. We just bought a fun sprinkler system for him to run around in since it’s so hot here in Arizona. We’ll show my parents that and all play with him and his favorite toys in our backyard. Hopefully he will take a nap after that!

Then in the evening, Robert and I will take him for a long walk in his wagon. Now that I’m a new mom, I realize that a good life is made up of the many small, joyful moments like these, and fun, active family play is a great way to make memories together. To me, that’s what matters most on Mother’s Day. 

And I was excited to team up with HERSHEY’S BLISS® because through a survey the company found that nearly half of women – 46 percent –said they’d rather have a handmade gift from the kids and spend quality family time outdoors on their extra-special day. As an athlete and new mom, I couldn’t agree more!

 What does a “day of total bliss” mean to you?

 A “day of total bliss” to me is spending time with my son and husband enjoying fun and active play time together. We love taking Tyler to his first swim lessons and watching him discover music and movement at his Little Movers and Shakers class. It’s the small moments like these that bring me the most bliss.

 Do you have any ideas on how other families could make Mother’s Day special?

 If you’re planning a family outing for Mother’s Day, think beyond brunch and consider something outdoors – such as a family hike or play time in the park. These fun family activities are some of my favorite memories growing up as a kid and top my list of most enjoyable activities for families to consider on Mother’s Day:

  • Pick up kites for the family at your local hobby store and head to the park to enjoy the breeze and see whose kite can go the highest. Outdoor play is not just for kids – parents can join in on the fun too!

  • Relive your most blissful memories. Create a collage of your favorite family photos and memories with the kids. Share special moments and memories from your childhood by teaching your kids a few favorite childhood games like charades, flashlight tag or hula hooping.

  • Enjoy the warm spring sunshine with a day on the water. Many parks with lakes or rivers offer canoe, kayak and/or paddleboat rentals for active excursions that build happy memories and the value of a balanced lifestyle.  

Can you tell us about HERSHEY’S MODERATION NATION® and what you like about the program?  

Of course! HERSHEY’S® helps you find balance through products and programs, like MODERATION NATION®, that promote well-being. Its roots harken back to the company’s founder, Milton Hershey, who devoted his life to improving the happiness and welfare of others. That’s why I teamed up with HERSHEY’S® around Mother’s Day because I wanted to help share ideas on how to make physical activity fun for the entire family, and provide tips and tools on how to achieve balance in all aspects of life. 

I told you she’s passionate about her role as a mommy!

For more on HERSHEY’S BLISS® Guide to a Blissful Mother’s Day and ways to get active as a family, visit Hershey’s Moderation Nation.  You can also connect with Moderation Nation on Facebook.

What do you want for Mother’s Day this year?  I plan to shut off my phone and enjoy a fun day with my daughter and husband.  As for a gift, maybe something small and sweet, like Hershey’s Bliss chocolates!

Disclosure: Hershey’s provided the interview content but all opinions are my own.

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