Outdoor Fun with Disney Princesses

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In our home, on any given day, you will hear my daughter singing Disney songs while wearing her favorite Disney Princess dress up clothes.  Our family visits Disneyland frequently and the Disney Princesses have been a part of all of our favorite family vacations. With a busy work schedule during the week, I decided to surprise my daughter with a Disney Princess themed lunch in our backyard last weekend.  Our warm Arizona weather is starting to cool down and it was the perfect opportunity for outdoor fun with Disney Princesses.  We had plenty of family fun outside dressing up, playing games, and enjoying our new Disney Walmart toys.

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I went to Walmart and purchased everything to throw our family a fun outdoor celebration. Knowing how much my daughter loves each Disney Princess, I knew she would be excited for a family celebration with all of her favorites.  Ariel, Aurora, Rapunzel, and Tiana were part of the table setting for lunch.  One of my favorite parts of our lunch table setting was the pretty scalloped edges on the bottom of the tablecloth.  I love getting creative with handmade parties but being so busy already, I happily purchased all the pretty party supplies from Walmart. 

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Bright flowers were the perfect addition to our pink table.  I used all of my daughter’s favorite foods to inspire our lunch.  Castle and flower peanut butter sandwiches, an Ariel salad, fruit kabobs, and Sleeping Beauty sugar cookies made the perfect Disney Princess lunch for our family celebration.

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The sandwiches were easy to prepare using shaped cookie cutters.  My daughter loves peanut butter but you could make these cute sandwiches using your favorite filling. 

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The Ariel salad was made with spinach, tomatoes, and star shaped cucumber pieces.   

Outdoor Fun with Disney Princesses, Ariel salad #shop #DisneyPrincessPlay #cbias (4)

My daughter really enjoyed helping make the fruit kabobs.  She was very excited to eat the sparkly chocolate filled strawberry marshmallows on top!  

Outdoor Fun with Disney Princesses, fruit kabobs #shop #DisneyPrincessPlay #cbias (3)

I used princess cake decorations to top pink sugar cookies.  A new Sleeping Beauty night light made the perfect centerpiece for our plate of cookies. 

Outdoor Fun with Disney Princesses, Sleeping Beauty cookies #shop #DisneyPrincessPlay #cbias (7)

After our Disney Princess lunch we spent a couple of hours playing outside.  I used a white shower curtain and sea shells to make a play mat for our new Little Mermaid doll playset. We drew several different scenes with dry erase crayons on the shower curtain.   My daughter enjoyed making seashell furniture for Ariel and pretending she was on her way to see Prince Eric. 

Outdoor Fun with Disney Princesses, dry erase play mat #shop #DisneyPrincessPlay #cbias

I filled a small container with dish soap and we blew bubbles around our yard with an Ariel bath wand.  We pretended we were dancing under the sea with Ariel and her friends. 

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We also had a little family competition with a ball toss game.  I tied tulle around small disposal bins to use for the game. 

Outdoor Fun with Disney Princesses, ball toss game #shop #DisneyPrincessPlay #cbias

Each family member chose a color and we tossed together until our pile of balls was gone. Then we counted the balls in each bin to declare a winner.  Our competitive family could have played this game all day!  My daughter refused to stop until she won several rounds.    

Outdoor Fun with Disney Princesses, ball toss game #shop #DisneyPrincessPlay #cbias (2)

Just before our family celebration was over we jumped our way through a hula hoop obstacle course.  We timed each family member to see who could jump the fastest.   

Outdoor Fun with Disney Princesses, hula hoop obstacle #shop #DisneyPrincessPlay #cbias (11)

We had so much outdoor fun with Disney Princesses during our family celebration.  It was a great reminder of the memories you can create with your family at home.  The food, games, and activities would be perfect for an outdoor birthday celebration too!

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