Olympic rings kids craft

We have been spending evenings in our family room watching the 2016 Summer Olympics. My daughter is fascinated by the talent and reminded us two years ago we spent every night watching the Winter Olympics cuddled up in front of the television before bedtime. This is certainly an exciting time with so many amazing athletes to watch as dreams become reality and records are broken. Four years ago, when our oldest daughter was just three years old, we were just as excited for the summer games. She loved the olympic rings kids craft then and had just as much fun doing it again this week. With supplies you likely already have at home, you can add to the nightly enthusiasm with an olympic rings kids craft too.

Olympic Rings kids craft

Olympic rings kids craft tutorial


  • Washable paint (blue, yellow, black, green, red)
  • paintbrush
  • olympic rings template 
  • five small Play-Doh containers
  • white paper

Olympic rings kids craft supplies

Print an image of the olympic rings to serve as your child’s painting template visual. Have them paint each Play-Doh lid with the appropriate ring color and stamp on the white paper. 

Olympic rings kids craft tutorialOlympic rings kids craft paint

Stamp all five colors to complete the olympic rings kids craft. 

Olympic rings kids craft play-doh lid paint

Which sport are you having the most fun watching during the 2016 Summer Olympics? 

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