Tips for one stop back to school shopping

This year back to school season came quickly. But it always feels that way, right? Each year I make big plans to be well ahead of schedule and have back to school shopping done early. And every year I find myself frantically trying to get everything purchased the week before school starts. This year our seven year old daughter is starting second grade at a new school. That means she is much more aware of the items on her back to school shopping list and has a very specific idea of what she wants her clothes, shoes, and supplies to be. Luckily we were able to get everything on our list checked off with one stop back to school shopping at Dick’s Sporting Goods®.

Tips for one stop back to school shopping Dick's Sporting Goods

We live right by a Dick’s Sporting Goods store and visit frequently to purchase worms because my daughter and husband love to go fishing together at our neighborhood lake. Already a favorite store, my daughter was very excited when I told her we would be completing her back to school shopping at Dick’s.

Dick's Sporting Goods

Tips for one stop back to school shopping

1) Select your favorite sporting goods store full of everything on your list

Dick’s Sporting Goods is full of awesome selections for back to school shopping – shoes, clothes, backpacks, lunch boxes, water bottles and more to complete your shopping list. 

Dick's Sporting Goods Back to School

2) Allow your child to select a variety of favorite shoes to try on

Our first stop was the shoe section. Knowing my daughter had a very specific vision for her new back to school shoes, I let her explore the department and pick out her favorites to try on. In my experience, it’s a pointless argument to try to talk your child out of a selection because sometimes once they’re tried on, they find a different shoe they love anyway.

Dick's Sporting Goods shoes

3) Make a shopping list and stick to it

We made a shopping list of back to school supplies and stuck to it. Shirts, shorts, shoes, sports bras (which I fully understand are not necessary for a seven year old!), backpack, lunchbox and water bottle were all items we were able to purchase during our one stop back to school shopping experience.

Back to School clothes and shoes

4) Let their personality shine

My daughter decided she wanted dark blue shoes personalized with two brightly colored shoelaces. 

Back to School shopping at Dick's Sporting Goods Converse

5) Have fun! 

Make the shopping visit fun so your child is excited about their back to school shopping choices. My daughter couldn’t wait for her first week of second grade! 

Dick's Sporting Goods school clothes

Dick’s Sporting Goods wants to make your one stop back to school shopping experience great too. Enter to win one of five $50 gift cards they are giving away this month! 

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What are your tips for making back to school shopping easy?

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4 thoughts on “Tips for one stop back to school shopping”

  1. We love Dick’s! They have so many different departments to shop in for school AND for my daughter’s competitive sports teams!

  2. My best back to school shopping tip is to price compare between stores, especially for school supplies, to find the best deals and save where you can!


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