Officer Clawhauser Donuts Recipe

Zootopia‘s Officer Clawhauser is everything opposite of what you would expect in a cheetah. He’s not fierce. He’s not fast. And he doesn’t eat prey. Instead he is hilariously funny, eclectic and loves donuts. His admiration for sugar steals the scene in his first appearance in Zootopia. With the film now in theaters, the Officer Clawhauser donuts recipe is the perfect way to celebrate.

Officer Clawhauser Donuts

Officer Clawhauser loves two things: pop star Gazelle and donuts. He is a joyful character and I would imagine the only thing he might not like is having to share his sprinkled donuts.

Officer Clawhauser Donuts bio

Officer Clawhauser Donuts recipe


  • Cake mix
  • Sprinkles
  • Colored frosting

I used a Babycakes Donut Maker (affiliate link) to turn cake batter into perfectly shaped donuts. If using the donut maker, simply prepare your cake mix, spray donut maker with non-stick cooking spray, and pour the batter in to a preheated maker.

Officer Clawhauser Donuts recipe

A few minutes later your donuts are ready to be frosted.

Officer Clawhauser Donuts unfrosted

We used yellow and orange frosting then topped with excessive sprinkles. 

Officer Clawhauser Donuts frosted

A plate full of sprinkled donuts is exactly what Officer Clawhauser wants on his desk every morning. Just like on Officer Clawhauser’s desk, the plate of donuts didn’t last long at my house!

Zootopia Officer Clawhauser Donuts

My fun facts about Zootopia from interviewing Producer Clark Spencer reminded us biases can’t exist when you get to know someone. I can’t imagine Officer Clawhauser as anything but a funny cheetah looking for his next donut!

Have you seen Zootopia yet?

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