Easy bedroom transformation, 5 easy changes to make you love your bedroom

Up until just a few months ago I was stuck in a “we aren’t living here forever” decorating rut in my home. We were not planning on making this our forever home because we had already started the process of building another. We had a contract to build in a neighborhood we loved contingent on the sale of our current home. After months of our home being on the market, money spent, switching realtors and many showings with our best efforts to sale our home, we decided we would rather stay and find ways to fall back in love with the home we built just five years ago. While there are some structural changes we intend to make, we started with easy inexpensive changes. Our home was already fully decluttered; we just needed some decor to make it feel comfortable again. I tackled the master bedroom first because it’s the room where I start and finish the day. I wanted to wake up feeling refreshed, not reminded of the long list of changes we planned to make to our home. My easy bedroom transformation with five easy changes to make you love your bedroom is inexpensive and quick. Updated bedding with new sheets, rearranging existing furniture, fresh flowers and a few other quick changes made it easy to forget why we ever wanted to sell our home. Thanks to Perfect Linens for helping me put the finishing touches on our easy bedroom transformation.

easy bedroom transformation

We listed our home for sale with all the personalization from our home removed. I’m still torn on my opinions of this. If you’ve ever worked with a realtor to sell a home, you’ll either hear to take down all personal photos and minimize everything or you’ll hear buyers love a well decorated home and don’t be afraid to show off your style. Our bare bedroom was at the suggestion of our first realtor in this process. No longer selling our home, I wanted the cozy bedroom our first listing realtor told us to stray away from. Many of the tips in this process came from our second realtor, a fabulous interior designer with an eye for decor. While we decided to not sell our home, our realtor Julie Bradshaw helped us realize just how much potential our current home has. She provided us with our own mock “Love It or List It” experience and I would use her again in a second.

easy bedroom transformation, before pic

Easy bedroom transformation

1) Clean your flooring. 

It might be a professional service or simply using a borrowed carpet cleaner, cleaning your flooring is the very first step in an easy bedroom transformation. Eventually we would like the carpet to be upgraded to wood but with just a few hours, my mom’s home steam cleaner, and a $20 bottle of Resolve, our room instantly looked more inviting.

2) Rearrange furniture.

Our furniture matches but it was oddly placed in our bedroom making it feel disorganized. Julie helped rearrange the furniture to make the room symmetrical for a much more balanced look.

easy bedroom transformation, rearrange furniture

2) Add mirrors.

A few mirrors also made quite the difference in the room. We added three: a wardrobe mirror and two mirrors above the rearranged dressers. 

easy bedroom transformation, add mirror

3) Add color with fresh flowers.

I have painted every other room in our home except our bedroom. Eventually I will but for now, for an easy bedroom transformation, fresh flowers add a pretty pop of color.

easy bedroom transformation, fresh flowers

4) Accessorize. 

Accent pillows, bedside table lamps, and a rod iron decoration above our headboard were inexpensive additions that made a big difference. Tip: Use accent pillows from other rooms in your home for your bed. The brown leather pillows were previously on our living room couch but really helped soften the dark wood in our bedroom.

easy bedroom transformation, pillows

5) Upgrade your sheets.

A pretty bedroom is nothing more than a pretty bedroom unless you have comfortable bedding. Our Second Skin sheet set from Perfect Linens made our bed a place I look forward to ending each day. Climbing into a comfy bed after a busy day of work, mommyhood, errands, and a long list of unfinished home upgrade projects puts me at ease for a good night’s rest. The pure-cotton soft sheets are a great addition to your easy bedroom transformation.

easy bedroom transformation, new sheets

With just 5 easy changes to make you love your bedroom, our master bedroom is the first of many transformations we have planned in our home this year.

easy bedroom transformation, before and after

Our bedroom is now a place everyone, including the baby, enjoys!

easy bedroom transformation, cute baby

Get started on your own bedroom transformation with a discount to Perfect Linens. They specialize in sheets, not all bedding, so you are getting great quality. The product descriptions are based on how they feel after the first wash, not immediately out of the box so you are able to focus on the feel important to you. Perfect Linens helped determine high thread count and pricey sheets isn’t everything; they find the most comfortable sheets for you by testing hundreds of sheets using state-of-the-art technology. Shipping is always free and you get a “45-day love it guarantee” to make sure the sheets really are perfect for you.

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Do you have a space that could use an easy bedroom transformation in your home?

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