Mother’s Day Gift Wine and Card | Mom, You’re Smooth Like Butter

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Mother’s Day Gift | Mom, You’re Smooth Like Butter

Last year’s Mother’s Day celebration will be hard to top because I invited some of my favorite childhood friends and mothers to my home for a party with JaM Cellars Butter Chardonnay. We talked about our favorite memories, laughed and promised to be better in the coming year at making time to see each other more often. The “Let Me Butter You Up” Mother’s Day party inspired real change and refocused my mom energy. We’re excited to be celebrating motherhood again with JaM Cellars for a “Mom, You’re Smooth Like Butter” weekend celebration.

Butter Chardonnay is great for all occasions but makes the best way to celebrate motherhood with your favorite moms on Mother's Day.

The Smooth Like Butter card printable can be printed from your home printer on a 4×6″ card. I also printed the image on regular copy paper to trace the back with chalk then transfer to my party chalkboard. Fresh flowers, a couple bottles of Butter Chardonnay and your favorite moms are all you need for a fabulous few hours celebrating all the reasons why it’s so important to prioritize time for yourself.

Enjoy a Mother's Day celebration with your favorite moms and JaM Cellars Butter Chardonnay.

My family travels often but spend most of our extended weekends in California. Some of my favorite parenting memories have happened while away from home visiting our favorite beach town. Butter Chardonnay is made in the tradition of quality Californian winemaking giving it that extra edge for my vote on a favorite glass shared with my best mom friends. It’s cold fermented then aged in oak. The butter brims with stone fruit and baked-lemon are then finished with a lovely vanilla for the ultimate rich, bold and luscious chardonnay. 

Share a glass of Butter Chardonnay with your favorite mom to celebrate Mother's Day.

Last year our party had a butterfly theme incorporating memories of the many handcrafted butterflies my grandmother had decorating her home. This year I’m keeping it simple with the message of an acknowledgement for all the moms making motherhood look seamless. Everyday brings many unique challenges but as we face them like champions our children look up to us as their heroes. This is hard but running through motherhood smooth like butter gives us that extra edge needed to hold it all together when the roughest days surface. It’s also a reminder that some days it’s not like butter and that’s okay too.

A printed card, two glasses and Butter Chardonnay is all you need to show your favorite mom a little extra appreciation for Mother's Day.

Sharing a glass of Butter Chardonnay means we are in this together and I’m so appreciative for everyone in my mom circle.

Celebrate motherhood with your favorite moms and JaM Cellars Butter Chardonnay.

Cheers to the moms that make this mama thing look smooth like butter. 

Cheers to all the moms that make motherhood look "smooth like butter."

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"Mom, you're smooth like butter." Remind your favorite moms we're all in this together with a Mother's Day gift wine and printable card.

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12 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Wine and Card | Mom, You’re Smooth Like Butter”

  1. What a great Mother’s Day gift! Love the printable and the glasses and, of course, the wine! Cheers to the moms!

  2. I’ve never heard of Butter Chardonay before, but this whole idea sounds like a lot of fun! I’ll be spending the day with my husband and kids at Sea World/Aquatica this year, but maybe I can get something like this together next year!

  3. A glass of wine is actually the best gift! haha 🙂 I really like that you made a theme out of it with the sign and the card! Very creative. Thanks for sharing.

  4. The card is so cute! I love the design and colors:) That is a great Mother’s Day gift.

  5. I love just relaxing and drinking a glass of wine on Mother’s Day!! Even more so if I’m getting some unlimited mimosas hahah!!

  6. Omg this is such a cute mothers day gift! I still have to find something to get and my mom would love this!


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