Meet Stacy from Fancy Shanty {Social Fabric Virtual Gift Exchange}

December is a busy month and I get invited to participate in so many gift exchanges. Some I simply look forward to and others I can’t wait for the details. The Social Fabric community virtual gift exchange is one of those types of exchanges that I look most forward to. The opportunity to share fun details about my randomly selected and super talented giftee is just the type of gift exchange I love. Today I am introducing you to Stacy, the pretty mommy of four that calls herself the “Chuck Norris of parenting bloggers”.

Fancy Shanty Stacy

The girl that has came face to face with a mountain lion, picked up a baby rattlesnake, and manages an awesome blog was destined to be my friend! Her blog, Fancy Shanty, is full of craft tutorials, parenting tips, and recipes. With so many pretty pictures and great ideas, you’ll want to grab a cup of tea and get comfortable. You’ll be staying awhile.

Fancy Shanty

If you have a few last minute holiday activities to complete, Fancy Shanty is your go to place. Stacy’s Elf on the Shelf ideas are aewesome! She has several different posts with silly ideas to keep your elf busy before Christmas. Her free printables include a letter from Santa that will definitely be making it’s way from the North Pole to my house in a few days.

Fancy Shanty Letter from Santa

With kid friendly recipes and an entire section committed to sharing nut free recipes, I plan to use some of the Fancy Shanty recipes in my own meal plans. Have you ever seen a better looking turkey sandwich? Yum!

Fancy Shanty Leftover Turkey Sandwich

I wrote a little note to Stacy in hopes of becoming new SFBs (Social Fabric Besties). Don’t list all the other things “SFB” could represent; I like my catchy new label for all the amazing friends I’ve made in this community!

Letter to Fancy Shanty Stacy


Help me rock this virtual gift exchange and give the talented Stacy a big shout out!

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2 thoughts on “Meet Stacy from Fancy Shanty {Social Fabric Virtual Gift Exchange}”

  1. I so want that sandwich! I’m going to go check it out. While I haven’t picked up a baby rattler, my cat has and that was close enough for me!

    I’m so glad you liked my post about your blog. I had fun running amok through your posts and if I ever get free time in Arizona I might just knock on your door. I’ll be down for BlogPaws which to my great disappointment is the same weekend as SoFabCon – but I had signed up for BlogPaws before I was accepted into SoFab.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. Love this post. Made me chuckle about stalking bloggers. I think blogging’s a bit like that, as you do get to find people who you’d likely get on with if you ever met up! (Not that I’m desperately stalking bloggers, you understand!)


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