Find him the perfect gift at the Best Buy gift center

Find him the perfect gift at the Best Buy gift center #OneBuyForAll #shop #cbias disclosure

Each year I start asking my husband for his holiday wish list several months before Christmas. As expected, I always get the same response, “Oh I don’t need anything and don’t really want anything specific…” And each year he manages to amaze me with his incredibly thoughtful gifts for me on Christmas morning. My schedule in December was very busy and I was running out of time to shop for my husband’s gift. With out anything specific in mind this year I turned to the  Best Buy trending guide to find the most popular gifts. I was able to make a list of cool gifts before I visited the in store gift center. With the help of Best Buy I was able to find him the perfect gift. 

Find him the perfect gift at the Best Buy gift center #OneBuyForAll #shop #cbias

The trending gifts guide shares what gadgets are currently trending on Twitter. For all those savvy social media friends, you know that means the guide gives you access to top secret information – the best gifts everyone in the world is chatting about on Twitter. I searched a few different categories that would interest my husband before making my list of potential gifts to purchase.

My favorite gifts ideas from the trending gift guide by category:

Fitness: The Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker Wristband, “Wear this Fitbit Flex FB401BK wristband to monitor steps taken, distance, calories burned and active minutes, so you can easily set daily activity goals. The wristband also tracks sleep quality and length to promote overall wellness.”

Small Appliances: The SodaStream, “Lets you create soda in seconds; touch-responsive top surface; LED carbonation-strength indicator; powered by a CO₂ canister; snap-lock bottle mechanism.”

Tablets: The Kindle Fire, “Enjoy games and videos in brilliant high-definition with this Amazon Kindle Fire HDX B00BWYRF7E tablet, which features a 7″ display for precise touch navigation and 1920 x 1200 image resolution. Amazon Assist offers live video help.”

The iPad Mini, “iPad mini features a beautiful 7.9″ display, iSight® and FaceTime camera, the A5 chip, ultrafast wireless and up to 10 hours of battery life. And over 275,000 apps on the App Store made for iPad work with iPad mini. So it’s an iPad in every way, shape and slightly smaller form.”

Phone Accessories: Mophie Cases, “From lightweight battery cases that keep you powered all day, to the OutRide kit that turns your iPhone® into an action sports camera, mophie is changing the way you go mobile.”

Ottorbox, “Rugged, protective case ideal for demanding conditions, heavy use and random accidents.”

With so many great ideas on my shopping list I headed out to my local Best Buy. 

Your Ultimate Holiday Showroom at Best Buy #OneBuyForAll #shop #cbias

I spoke with a very nice representative that was very helpful in my search for the perfect gift. Drake was more than happy to assist me with my list of potential gifts and shared his own personal gift ideas too.

We started at the top of my list and went through each item discussing in detail why this would make a great gift for my husband.

The Kindle was very appealing with the new live help feature. I had no idea you can chat with a live person when you have questions! 

Gift ideas for the hard to shop for man, Kindle #OneBuyForAll #shop #cbias

Next we moved over to the mophie cases. Adding extended battery life to an iPhone is a great gift idea for everyone on your list!  

Gift ideas for the hard to shop for man, Mophie Phone Case #OneBuyForAll #shop #cbias

The Otterbox commuter wallet is a super way to hold all your essentials with out carrying a wallet. Just last summer my husband jumped in the pool forgetting his personal cell phone was in his pocket. The Otterbox is waterproof and definitely would have helped save his phone.  

Gift ideas for the hard to shop for man, Otter Commuter Wallet #OneBuyForAll #shop #cbias

We are still doing our best to maintain a healthier lifestyle in our home. My husband and I both have an occasional craving for soda we can’t seem to kick. The Sodastream is the answer. With less calories and sugar, you can occasionally satisfy your craving and still stick to your diet. 

Gift ideas for the hard to shop for man, Soda Stream #OneBuyForAll #shop #cbias

A different representative in the store overheard us discussing finding a gift for my hard to shop for husband. He came over to help and showed me the awesome selection of Quirky by GE products. These are definitely interesting gift ideas! I love the Nimbus Dashboard where you can see your social media stats and alerts across a big digital panel. 

Gift ideas for the hard to shop for man, Quirky GE products #OneBuyForAll #shop #cbias

We stopped by the fitness area and explored the Fitbit items.  The wristbands are a great starter gift with plenty of products to expand with later. All the products are compatible and talk to each other making it easy to stay on track with your fitness goals. 

Gift ideas for the hard to shop for man, fitbit products #OneBuyForAll #shop #cbias

Drake was so much help and I’m so happy I went into the store instead of simply making a purchase online. The trending guide was very helpful but having the expertise and guidance from the in store representative helped me find the perfect gift for my husband. So, what did I come home with? Drake’s suggestion was the Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker Wristband

Thank you Best Buy #OneBuyForAll #shop #cbias

I also purchased the Quirky Spotter Sensor. I had never heard of the gadget before visiting Best Buy and talking to the employees.

Monitor your home while you’re away with this Quirky Spotter PSPT1-WH01 sensor that sends push notifications to your compatible device, so you can stay apprised of motion, sound, light, temperature, humidity and more.

My husband will love his cool gifts just as much as the rest of the world chatting about them on Twitter! 

Best Buy gift center #OneBuyForAll #shop #cbias

While I was shopping at Best Buy I also purchased an iPad mini for my daughter. She is going to be amazed by the special gift Santa is leaving her under the tree this year!

In addition to finding gifts for that hard to shop for special someone, you can also enter the Give It To Win It gift card promotion.The promotion is happening now through December 24th. Every time you purchase a $25 or more Best Buy gift card in store or online, you can enter the gift card number for a chance to win a daily prize. Prizes include Best Buy gift cards ranging from $50 all the way up to the grand prize of $10,000. 

What would you buy if you won a $10,000 gift card to Best Buy?

Learn more about Best Buy by connecting with the store on Facebook and Twitter. Remember to check the Best Buy trending guide to find the most popular gifts before you go out shopping! 


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