Mandarin Immersion Kindergarten, skill reinforcement at home with the T-Mobile free data plan

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We recently transitioned to a new back to school routine with my daughter entering a Mandarin immersion kindergarten program. We’re just a few weeks in but she wakes up very excited each day to go to class. She comes home so excited to share all the new Mandarin she has learned. My husband and I do not speak or know any Mandarin; keeping up with her has already been a little bit of a struggle and I knew I needed to put a plan in place to help her reinforce the skills she was learning everyday. Although we already have tablets in our home, I wanted to designate one completely to helping our family learn Mandarin together. I purchased a new trio AXS quad core tablet with a tmobile free data plan to designate as our family Mandarin learning tablet. My husband and I are now learning too and my daughter loves being able to verify correct pronunciation of all the new words she learns in kindergarten everyday.


My daughter has been very excited each day we’ve picked her up from Mandarin immersion kindergarten. She jumps in the car and can’t wait to tell us all she learned in class that day. The first day I made the mistake of asking her to interpret the Mandarin song she was singing. She didn’t know the English translation and was frustrated when I couldn’t help her. Now that I have a tablet with free data I arrive to pick her up from school completely prepared. Using an online translator it’s easy to answer her questions and help refresh her memory when she’s enthusiastically sharing what she learned. I love seeing her light up with confidence when we verify Mandarin pronunciations in the car on the way home from school. When my husband is able to pick her up from school with me I sit in the passenger seat and get the tablet ready for her questions. It’s charged and already on the translation site when she gets in the car.


When I first heard of the T-Mobile plan with free data for life I was sure I had misunderstood the details. I purchased my tablet from Walmart for $179 without having to make any commitment to a service plan. I came home, connected the tablet with easy instructions, and set up the tablet for my daughter’s Mandarin immersion kindergarten skill reinforcement. The tablet can be connected through WiFi  at home and then T-Mobile’s 4G service while we’re in the car or other places without WiFi. With 200mb of free data, it’s perfect for us to reinforce Mandarin skills.


I found several different Mandarin translation websites with information appropriate for kindergarten. Our favorite is a site that plays the words in Mandarin when you push the associated picture. It’s been a great way for my daughter to share what she is learning at home. It’s also been very helpful for my husband and I to start learning the basic words too. 

Each day my daughter is bringing home different coloring pages and handwriting practice sheets from school. She gets so excited to tell us the details of every page.


Now we can help her reinforce her new language skills at home too. The connected tablet has several different data plan options if you want to add to the free provided 200mb monthly. You can even simply add more data for a day with cost efficient prices. The plans are priced much better than some of the plans I’ve seen in public places like airports and hotels. The free 200mb of data replenishes every 30 days. If you use your allotted data prior before it replenishes you will be taken to the T-Mobile site to purchase data if desired. You can always use the tablet with WiFi.


My new trio AXS quad core tablet in this #CollectiveBias #TabletTrio post was purchased from Walmart. They have a great selection of tablets but the tmobile free data plan for life was the most appealing. 


Would you be able to better reinforce skills learned at school with a tablet connected with free data for life?

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