Easy DIY remote control storage

We recently added a TV to my daughter‘s bedroom and struggled with finding a place to safely keep the remote. She spends a lot of time playing in her room and a small remote could easily end up lost. Her tall loft bed makes it challenging to ask her to put away the remote at night when it’s time for bed. I came up with the perfect easy DIY remote control storage solution. Using Velcro with adhesive backing I secured the two remotes (TV and Apple TV) to the inner railing of her bed. It’s easy for her to put the remotes away at bedtime and during the day while she is playing they are kept away from the mess on the floor.


Easy DIY remote control storage tutorial


  • remote controls
  • industrial strength adhesive back Velcro 


Simply place the Velcro on the back of the remote. Then attach the connecting piece (sticky side up).

Tip: Don’t cover the battery area with Velcro. 


Then turn the remote over and gently push it against the surface you are using for the remote control storage area. Hold firmly for 15 seconds and wait a few minutes before removing the remote from the storage area. Repeat with additional remotes in the same room. 


Now my daughter can watch TV at nighttime and not have to get down from her loft bed to put away the remotes. Her favorite stuffed animal friends are looking forward to watching the Discovery channel with her before bedtime! 


I am in no way promoting too much TV time for children but my daughter enjoys watching educational programs to wind down before bed. Now she’ll be able to do that in her own room with the lights out all by herself.

Where do you keep your remotes to make sure they don’t end up lost?

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