Children of Disney Social Media Moms Celebration learning about friendship with Disney

I have had many great opportunities through this blog. Sometimes those opportunities are working with brands I love, attending events, and meeting idols. The best endeavors are when my entire family gets to participate and offers my daughter valuable learning opportunities. As a consumer I have a short list of brands I’ve favored well before I ever worked in social marketing. It’s amazing to be able to work with some of those brands in this capacity and build genuine relationships with representatives from brands I’ve favored since childhood. Disney has always been a favorite and I have enjoyed watching my daughter grow up loving the same parks, characters, and experiences. Earlier this year I was invited to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration at Disneyland where my daughter was able to make connections with children she had so much in common with. She was amazed to discover so many other children of Disney loving blogging parents. Just a few months later during Social Media Moms Celebration On the Road in Phoenix my daughter was able to connect with more friends with a shared love for Disney. Learning about friendship with Disney has been an excellent opportunity for my daughter. 


My daughter proudly tells friends her mom is a blogger. Sometimes she gets confused responses and she isn’t shy about explaining how her mom gets to work with brands and posts a lot of pictures on social media. She fully understands the process when we’re attending an event and knows I’m usually documenting our experiences to later share online. The Disney Social Media Moms Celebration this year was the first time my daughter connected with a group of children with the same lifestyle. With so much in common, blogging parents and a love for Disney, they quickly connected and became best friends. For the first time I watched my daughter learning about friendship with Disney. Through the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration our children were introduced to hundreds of other kids that completely understood what it meant to have blogging parents and make a special connection through their shared love of Disney.


A few months later I was invited to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration On the Road in Phoenix. This was my first year joining the Celebration On the Road and I was so excited to share the news with my daughter.


The half day celebration did not include our families but I knew my daughter would be very excited because some of her favorite Disney loving friends were coming to town. The celebration was held at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, a beautiful resort with a great pool and fun for kids. From the first time we met, Wendy from Over The Top Mommy and I instantly connected over our shared love for Disney. Over the past year we frequently talked about connecting our daughters because they would get along so well. I was elated when I heard Wendy was also invited to the Celebration On the Road because that meant her daughter would be visiting Arizona too. We spent time with them at the resort the day before the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration On the Road in Phoenix. As expected our daughters instantly connected and were inseparable. They giggled all night playing in the pool and talking about how much they both love visiting Disneyland. Their mommies, Wendy and I, were doing the same thing as we watched them having so much fun. The next evening, after the Celebration, we had dinner together and the girls were sad to leave. 


Our daughters were so excited when they learned we would be in Disneyland for the Type A Conference in just a couple of weeks. They reunited and had a blast during their visit to Disneyland together. Two little girls connecting through their blogging mommies with a shared love for Disneyland enjoyed spending time together. 


How my daughter is learning about friendship with Disney:

  • relating to other children with common interests
  • learning about diversity and other cultures
  • experiencing long distance friendships with pen pals and by connecting through social media

My daughter is looking forward to reconnecting with her new friends and making more while learning about friendship with Disney. Do your children have any friends with a shared love for Disney?

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