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Today is my daughter’s very first day of kindergarten. She has been so excited all summer and couldn’t wait to get ready for school this morning. While she was busy learning on her first day I put together a fun surprise for when she gets home later today. Her first day of school good job gift includes a new coloring book with twistable crayons, a stuffed Minnie Mouse, a cute Minnie dress to wear this week, and one of the new Hallmark kids cards that unfolds into a jumbo poster. The “Way To Be You!” card perfectly expressed how I felt dropping off my daughter at kindergarten this morning. 


My daughter had no interest in shopping for new clothes or shoes before school started. She said she already has clothes and will make friends no matter what she is wearing. This morning before her first day she asked me to braid  her hair but she wanted to part it down the middle. When I told her she should let me fix a straight part she told me friends would like the way she fixed her own hair. Walking to the playground she held my hand but let me know it was because she knew I would miss her today, not because she needed help getting to the playground. Just a couple of weeks ago she had learned the friends she knew from pre-k attending the same school would not be in her class. It took an hour to get over the initial shock, but then she couldn’t stop talking about her excitement in meeting new friends in kindergarten. Her brave first day definitely deserved a first day of school good job gift.


I picked up a few coordinating items at Walmart to go along with the fun card to surprise my daughter after school today.


Hallmark poster cards are kids cards that unfold to posters. The cute “Way To Be You!” card unfolds to a big “Happy To Be Me!” poster. I am so proud of my daughter for embracing kindergarten the way she has. Her enthusiasm and bravery certainly impressed me. The card and poster has a great message for her first day of school good job gift.


The Hallmark poster cards at Walmart were all Happy Birthday themed but the poster had the perfect message for my daughter being so brave on her first day of school. 

My daughter will be so excited to come home and discover her surprise for a brave first day of school. I hung the poster on her bedroom door and left the gifts so they are the first thing she will see when she comes home this afternoon.


The Hallmark cards for kids featured in this #kidscards #CollectiveBias sponsored post are currently available at Walmart.You can use your Hallmark Card Rewards at Walmart where you’ll earn a reward for every five cards purchased.


Do you have surprise for your child to discover when they come home from a brave first day at school?

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