Layered Cookie Ice Cream Cake Recipe

When I saw the Spoonful Chocolate Chip Ice Box Cake Recipe I knew I needed to make it for an upcoming barbecue. I made a few changes to the original recipe and was thrilled by my pretty layered cookie ice cream cake! It was popular at the barbecue and I’ve already had follow up requests from my family. The layered cookie ice cream cake recipe is easy to follow, delicious served with cookie dough ice cream, and will definitely be a new summer dessert favorite!


Layered cookie ice cream cake ingredients:

  • 2 C heavy cream
  • 24 chocolate chip cookies
  • 1/4 C sugar
  • optional: chocolate bar and crushed cookies for topping


Use a mixer to whip heavy cream and sugar until peaks form at top of bowl. Arrange six cookies in rectangle shape on cookie sheet. Spread approximately 1 inch layer of whipped cream on cookies. Top whipped cream layer with cookies. Continue layering until you have four layers of cookies topped with whipped cream. Set aside remaining whipped cream in refrigerator to use later to frost frozen cake.


Although it sounds challenging, shaping the cookies and whipped cream is relatively easy. Freeze cake for approximately three hours.


Remove cake from freezer and top with remaining whipped cream. I used the tip of a butter knife to gently add some texture to  the topping. This quick detail gave the cake a finished look. Freeze for additional three hours.

*notice the cake is now on a different baking sheet. TIP: make sure the baking sheet will fit in your freezer before making the cake or you will end up having to move it prior to freezing! 


Once your cake has some time to set up in the freezer, it’s ready to be decorated and served.  


Sprinkle a chopped chocolate bar and crushed cookies on the top of the cake.


Easily slice the cake by running a knife under warm water. The inside layers look amazing! 


Serve a slice with a scoop of your favorite cookie dough ice cream. 


The cake would be great with different cookies too. I’m thinking an OREO layered cookie ice cream cake sounds like a fantastic dessert for our next summer barbecue! Which favorite cookies will you use in your layered cookie ice cream cake?

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