Solar Energy: how installing solar panels will help the environment and your wallet

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My daughter is constantly sharing ideas for our family to help conserve energy and water. Just last night she suggested I take 12 second showers to conserve water and save the oceans. She has always been very aware of the environment and has no problem telling others how to help take care of the planet. Her confidence and innocent persistence has forced children to throw away snack wrappers on the playground, led cafeteria discussions on protecting marine animals, and has even started a few debates with strangers while grocery shopping. At just five years old she is making a difference and inspiring others around her. We are certainly inspired and want to make a difference too. Solar energy in our home is something my husband and I have considered for years. Inspired by our daughter’s determination to make the planet better, we are taking a serious look at the investment.


We have lived in our home for almost four years and are continuing to discuss solar panels. It’s hard to believe this will be our fourth holiday season in our new home. The time has flown by.


Our family holiday photos 2010

The benefits of solar panels are obvious and we’ve been hearing about them for years. With so many different positive reasons to use solar energy in your home, it’s appealing to people for different reasons. While the initial investment feels heavy, over time you save thousands on your electricity bill. The cost of electricity is rising but with Sungevity you are able to lock in a low solar plan.

Energy comes from fossil fuels which pollute the environment. By using solar panels in your home you can use the energy from the sun and reduce the fossil fuel pollution.

So why not?

Solar panels are too expensive.

True, the initial investment feels big but with electricity bills climbing higher and higher each year, the savings will easily exceed that initial investment. We are moving in an environmentally friendly direction that includes electric cars. Think of how your electricity consumption will change when you’re charging an electric car in your garage. With all the environmental benefits aside, saving money over time with solar panels just makes sense.

Solar panels are confusing.

While using solar panels in home for electricity is not new, it’s now an accessible concept to everyone. With so many companies offering solar panel installation and maintenance, finding the right fit could feel overwhelming. Sungevity makes it easy with their quote request page. A solar panel expert will contact you to help design a custom solar power system for your home. The no obligation quote makes it easy to get all your questions answered and feel confident about the decision to make a positive difference in our environment and your wallet.

Solar panels aren’t pretty.

You might remember solar panels from the past. They were big and unattractive. Sungevity offers sleek black solar panels that completely blend with your home. As a former member of my HOA board, I can speak from experience and say solar panels are welcomed in most communities. My daughter enjoys pointing out homes in our neighborhood and says we need to help the planet like our neighbors.


Thinking about helping the planet and adding money to your family vacation planning, college fund, and retirement easily outweighs any concerns you had about installing solar panels in your home.

Get your solar panel quote today and start thinking about how you can make a positive impact on the environment and your wallet. Sungevity offers online tracking to watch your energy savings grow. Even if you’re not in a position to add currently add solar panels to your home, you can participate in Sungevity’s referral program. You can help your community and friends go solar and be rewarded with $500 for each referral.

During September 2014, save $500 on every Sungevity solar system!

What are you waiting for? 

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