I’m taking control of the litter box with the Litter Genie


I have a confession to make. My husband and I have always had a pet cat and I have never cleaned the litter box. Not even once. I moved in with him and his cat, Hercules, almost 13 years ago while dating. Many years later with the addition of a new cat to our family I can still say I have never cleaned the litter box. I love that my husband cleans the litter box but I recently discovered a way to help. The Litter Genie Essentials Pale, a cat litter disposal system, provided me with everything I need to easily help lock litter and odors away. I’m taking control of the litter box with the Litter Genie.


Our cat Delilah has just one litter box and it is placed near our garage door in the laundry room. Because the litter box is directly next to the door from the garage, it’s the first thing we smell when we come home. Having a clean litter box is essential to a fresh smelling home. 


I recently went to Walmart to purchase the Litter Genie. The Essentials Pale comes with everything you need to help take control of the litter box including a scooper and LItter Genie basic refill. 


Assembling the Litter Genie takes just a couple of minutes. The basic refill bags are quick to install by simply removing the plastic strip around the top and then pulling the bag down. Tie a knot in the bottom of the bag before placing it in the Litter Genie. 


Next place the refill in the top of the Litter Genie, slide out the tray, and push the knot to the bottom. 


The Litter Genie is ready to help you lock litter and odors away. 


I knew I would love the Litter Genie but the more important question was if Delilah would love it too. I placed the cat litter disposal system out for her to explore before placing it next to her litter box. The very last thing I want is for her to avoid the litter box because she’s nervous about the new Litter Genie. 


After a few minutes she warmed up to the Litter Genie and was completely comfortable being close to it. 


I moved the Litter Genie into our laundry room next to the litter box. The area is small and the Litter Genie fit right in the corner with out having to move the existing placement of the litter box. After just one day of use I have already noticed a difference.  I’m sure Delilah doesn’t mind having a fresh litter box either.


I love having the option of helping my husband with the litter box and not having to take the bag to our trash outside. The waste can be sealed away for up to 14 days because the five layer bags contain a unique built in odor barrier technology to help protect against odors and germs.  When you are ready to dispose of the bag, simply open the Litter Genie and use the built in cutter to remove the used portion of the basic refill. Tie a knot in the bottom of the refill bag and close the lid to use again. 


The Litter Genie Essentials Pale is available at Walmart in the pet care aisle. I had no difficulty finding the Litter Genie and basic refill while shopping for this #CollectiveBias post.


Learn more about the Litter Genie by connecting with them on Facebook and with Walter, the Litter Genie cat on Twitter.

I’m taking control of the litter box with the Litter Genie, are you?

2 thoughts on “I’m taking control of the litter box with the Litter Genie”

  1. Very neat product! All the things I love about my diaper genie but for the cats. You are so lucky your husband does litter duty. Mine couldn’t stand doing it while I was pregnant. Not my favorite chore either, but this product would make it even easier.

  2. We have been using our Litter Genie for almost a year and I can’t recall life before it. We’re going to buy a second one soon for our second box.


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