Favorite grill recipes – Jalapeno Popper Hot Dog

With grilling season underway, I’ve been playing in the kitchen with our favorite grill recipes to add new flavors this summer. I just shared one of our new favorite grill recipes, the hot dog parmesan, and I’m adding another favorite to your collection with the jalapeno popper hot dog. Both my brothers are great at grilling but my middle brother is always amazing me with his creative original recipes. You can expect more than just a plain hot dog at a family barbecue when my brother is in charge of the grill. The jalapeno popper hot dog is a modified recipe from my brother’s grilling creativity.


Favorite grill recipes – Jalapeno Popper Hot Dog recipe


  • grilled premium frankfurters
  • sliced jalapenos
  • diced jalapenos
  • 8 oz cream cheese
  • 15 oz nacho cheese sauce
  • hot dog buns


The premium 100% beef frankfurters make a big difference in taste but the magic comes from the jalapeno cheese sauce. Cut cream cheese into small pieces then stir into nacho cheese sauce. Add diced jalapenos and stir.  


Microwave jalapeno cheese sauce for approximately 2 minutes stirring every 30 seconds until sauce is completely blended.


Place grilled hot dog in bun and cover with jalapeno cheese sauce. Top with diced jalapenos. 


Be prepared to get messy enjoying one of your new favorite grill recipes!


My brother’s original recipe includes first grilling your hot dogs wrapped in bacon. Sounds delicious! Our family barbecue didn’t require pretty garnish or additional flavor but you can make the jalapeno popper hot dog more interesting by topping with fresh cilantro and tomatoes. Alternatively you can make your jalapeno cheese hot dog extra spicy by using hot nacho cheese sauce versus the mild our family prefers. For more fun at your next barbecue, serve the hot dog parmesan too.


How will you serve your next jalapeno popper hot dog?

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