Favorite grill recipes – Hot Dog Parmesan


Arizona summers are hot but with sprinklers on the grass and misters around our patio, playing outside and grilling are favorite activities at our home. We grilled this weekend and enjoyed adding to our favorite grill recipes with the hot dog parmesan. My husband is Italian and loves pasta with marinara sauce and cheese. He grew up eating his grandfather’s homemade sauce and enjoys making the family recipe at home. To avoid conflicting meal ideas, homemade sauce and summer grilling, I combined the two to make a delicious new recipe. The hot dog parmesan uses warm marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese to add Italian flavor to your favorite  grill recipes. We grilled Parks Finest™ Frankfurters from Ball Park® and enjoyed dinner outside after my daughter ran through the sprinklers. 


Park’s Finest™ frankfurters are 100% beef with no artificial preservatives. Available in several outstanding flavors, I chose the signature seasoned flavor for the hot dog parmesan recipe.


Favorite grill recipes – Hot Dog Parmesan:


  • premium frankfurters
  • shredded mozzarella cheese
  • warm marinara sauce
  • hot dog buns


Begin by grilling your Park’s Finest hot dogs. My husband always manages the grill during barbecues and does an excellent job making sure he covers all of our family preferences. If you prefer your hot dogs have a smokey grill flavor, keep the lid of the grill completely closed while cooking. Be sure to use tongs instead of a fork to turn the hot dogs. Accidentally piercing the hot dog with a fork will cause all the juicy flavor to drip to the bottom of the grill.


Place the hot dog in a bun and smother with warm marinara sauce. Top with mozzarella cheese to complete one of your new favorite grill recipes.


Serve with a fork and enjoy!

The #StartYourGrill Ball Parks’s® new Parks Finest™ frankfurters for this #CollectiveBias sponsored post were purchased from Safeway. The Parks Finest™ 100% beef frankfurters are available in several flavors: signature seasoned, cracked dijon mustard, and slow smoked hickory. 


What are your favorite summer grill recipes using premium hot dogs?

Learn more about Parks Finest™ Frankfurters from Ball Park®  by connecting with Ball Park® on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. Before shopping, print your $.55 off any one Park’s Finest Product coupon to start cooking your favorite grill recipes.

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