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I’m a preschool teacher and my five year old daughter is in my class this year. For the first time I’ve been able to be a teacher and mommy in the classroom consecutively. We have had such a fun year together and I have loved the opportunity to spend so much time with my daughter’s peers. I’ve cared about every child in each of my classrooms but this year has been especially unique. I’m so fond of each of the kids in the classroom this year and excited to see most of them moving on to kindergarten soon. We celebrated with a preschool graduation party at Great Play of Chandler. Every graduating student in the classroom and their parents were invited to join the fun. The kids had a blast and the parents enjoyed watching their preschool graduates interact with friends.


With so much fitness fun at Great Play of Chandler (AZ) offered in classes everyday, I expected an engaging and fun graduation party. The gym catered to our group full of four and five year olds to create a perfect age appropriate party to celebrate the end of the school year. The gym was set up to allow plenty of fun during open play time while we waited for all the guests to arrive. 


The children maneuvered through several obstacle courses,  greeted friends, and played before the party began. 


Introductions were made with a dance screen and spotlights while one of the coaches acted as an announcer. Each child’s name was called inviting them to  join the dancing fun.

The party games included many different activities. Because the group of children were familiar with each other, they were on their best behavior with great listening skills. The classroom teachers (me and my two co-teachers) definitely felt proud! 


The dance party was definitely one of the graduate’s favorite activities! The parents and teachers laughed as they watched the children show off their best dance moves.

Spending time with friends at Great Play was a great way to celebrate their preschool graduation! 


Congratulations preschool graduates! We are all so proud of your hard work this year! 


Great Play of Chandler is currently scheduling graduation parties and are also happy to discuss classroom ceremonies. Schools and teachers are welcomed to make special request to customize a party that meets the unique needs of each classroom.

Learn more about Great Play of Chandler by connecting with the children’s interactive gym on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Disclosure: My daughter receives complimentary gym access for an authentic experience to facilitate reviews. Great Play of Chandler hosted my preschool classroom for this graduation party with a discounted rate. All opinions are entirely my own. 

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