Fitness fun at Great Play of Chandler (Arizona)

I’m always seeking new ways to get my daughter to enjoy physical fitness. We’ve tried many different organized sports from soccer to swimming and currently attend weekly gymnastics classes. Finding the right facility and classes has been challenging. I want my daughter to enjoy the activities but as the parent paying for enrollment, I also want to make sure she is getting more than just an hour of fun each week. Recently Great Play of Chandler invited my daughter to visit their unique gym. She is engaged by most sports but we’ve had a challenging time finding one sport to exhaust our focus. I was intrigued by the idea of weekly classes offering more than the opportunity to learn one specific skill set. From our very first visit she has been looking forward to classes each week. With classes offered for children six months to fifth grade, I know Great Play will be a gym where my daughter can continue to grow while having fun. She is developing motor skills, learning about sports, and gaining a love for fitness with out even realizing she is in a learning environment. 

Fitness fun at Great Play Arizona

The Great Play gym is full of rotating equipment and changes frequently. I have yet to see the gym floor look the same during classes. My daughter looks forward to exploring each time we arrive because to her five year old mind it is all exciting and new…every single visit.

Great Play Chandler interactive gym

The schedule offers a variety of classes for different ages and skill sets. The teacher to student ratio is far beyond what I’ve seen in attending any other fitness type classes elsewhere. My daughter is learning new skills with constant individual attention from the fun staff. Being a preschool teacher, I’m fully aware of the difference between a coach with qualifications and a qualified coach capable of teaching children. At Great Play the coaches are fantastic with the children attending classes. My very observant daughter was comfortable with each of the coaches from her very first class. I’ve observed great interactions and praise from the coaches making the classes positive and fun for everyone. Each class has a focus theme and changes weekly. Every activity during the class has an overall focus of teamwork and social skills while incorporating the weekly theme. 

learning soccer at Great Play Chandler

my daughter learning during a soccer themed class

Every aspect of Great Play was designed to ensure children are having fun while reaching their full physical potential. I’ve watched as my daughter is building confidence and is excited to perfect her skill sets.

balancing at Great Play of Chandler

The most exciting feature in the Great Play gym is the innovative interactive walls. The Great Play mascot, Buddy, runs and skips while while your child is learning in the gym. The interactive arena has eight projectors and a directional sound system to essentially bring the gym to life. Different sceneries, characters, and games keep the children engaged and excited to see what’s next. The interactive arena is a great way to incorporate skills learned above and beyond the normal gym experience. My daughter especially enjoyed getting to spin the wheel on the wall to determine which color beanbags and balls her class would collect. 

Interactive wall and learning at Great Play Chandler

Each class ends in an organized circle with the goodbye song and synchronized clapping. I’ve enjoyed watching my daughter follow the class instructions having fun every minute of each class!

singing songs at Great Play Chandler

Each child receives praise and a sticker as they leave the gym following class. Compliments from the coaches goes a long way for children and my daughter comes home talking about how great she is at her newly acquired sports skills.

Buddy stickers at Great Play Chandler

Water breaks happen frequently during class and children are encouraged to stay hydrated. Bathrooms are also always accessible to the children. 

water break at Great Play Chandler

I know why I enjoy Great Play but the more important piece is if my daughter is enjoying attending too. She definitely is!

Thumbs up for Great Play in Chandler

Great Play of Chandler is currently enrolling children six months to fifth grade. You’ll find many different options in the class schedule going far beyond your typical children’s gym classes. The upcoming spring break camp is a great activity to keep your children physically active during break. If you”re looking for a party venue, be sure to check out the party packages

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Are you ready to have some fun getting your child active?

Disclosure: My daughter receives complimentary gym access for an authentic experience to facilitate reviews. All opinions are entirely my own.

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