Fourth Birthday Art Party

Last weekend we celebrated my daughter’s fourth birthday with a really fun art party.

My daughter had so much fun helping me make the party invitations  I printed the invitations on white paper and then used a glue stick to attach them to card stock.  Then I added four paint dots (pink, purple, orange, and blue) to the middle.  The paint splatter was the last detail.  My daughter couldn’t believe I told her to splatter paint all over the invitations!  I quickly made an a matching envelope with the four main colors.

We were so excited when the day of the party finally arrived!  Our guests were greeted by a fun sign hanging on our front door.  I printed the welcome message on a paint chip and glued it on poster board along with real art supplies from my daughter’s stash in my office.

My husband insisted on renting a helium tank and filling my daughter’s play room with balloons.  I’m so happy he did!  Her play room looked awesome!

I made streamers with construction paper the same way I made the Scrap Paper Party Decoration for the Arizona Pinterest Party.  The construction paper pieces were cut to 2″ x 4″ each and then stitched together.  I stamped “4”s down the center of the piece hanging in the middle.

I also used the streamers to decorate our living room.

Large paint chips were the perfect size for a “happy birthday” banner.  I painted each letter on the banner pieces, let them dry a few minutes, and stitched them together.

I wrote a few fun facts about the birthday girl on her chalkboard easel.  I love that I’ll always have this picture to remember her favorites.

I had so many ideas for art projects at the party.  I reconsidered all my messy craft ideas when I thought about the fun I would have cleaning up later.  The party guests each received a party hat and apron to decorate.  We also had a station set up to make puppets with my mother-in-law.

My daughter specifically requested jello at her party so I made rainbow jello cups.  I used store bought cookie dough and frosting to make pallet cookies.  Every art party needs pretzel paintbrushes!  They were made with pretzel rods and fruit roll ups.  My mother-in-law brought over her chocolate fountain to add to the sweets table. 

Each guest received their fork and napkin before cake in a fun paint chip utensil holder.  These took very little time to make.  Simply hold two coordinating paint chips together and stitch along three sides.

My absolute most favorite part of the party was the cake!  Artistic Cake Dezine created an amazing kids art supply cake that was delicious!!  Every little detail of the cake was edible.  I cannot believe how real the craft supplies looked.  The glue sticks, paintbrushes, paint, crayons, and kid scissors had incredible tiny details.  Artistic Cake Dezine delivered the cake to my home a couple of hours prior to the party starting.  I loved not having to worry about transporting the cake on an already busy day.

The kids used paint pallets filled with colored frosting to decorate their own cupcakes after we sang the birthday song. 

My daughter’s guest brought home thank you bags filled with glitter silly putty, watercolors, scratch art, and candy.  Printing directly on the paint chips made decorating our thank you bags really quick.

Each area of the party had a sign made from a framed paint chip.  The bright colors on the paint chips were great with the balloons and construction paper decorations!

I usually make a festive birthday party shirt but this year my daughter wore a sparkly top from Cookie’s Kids.  Read more about her party outfit here.

This morning I mailed out party thank you cards.  I printed “thank you” on skinny paint chips.  I glued the paint chip on folded card stock and cut the cards to fit into a regular letter size envelope.

My daughter had a super birthday and we had so much fun at our art party!

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  1. Such a cute party! Love the idea of paint chip utensil holders & sugar frosting marshmallow hats (re: S&F)Thanks for your visit & hope to see you again. I am going to take a peek around. Your always welcome to link up to my weekly link party @ it happens Friday-Thurs, for new entries!


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