Family Laundry Tips

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Family Laundry Tips

Our parenting style has always included allowing our children to have messy play. That might mean spilling paint all over themselves while creating a masterpiece, throwing glitter in the air so it falls perfectly on an art collage or ending covered in mud while spending an afternoon jumping in muddy puddles. Sometimes it also means leaving all your laundry cares behind as you join in the fun as your kids spontaneously stomp barefoot through the mud in a creek. My family laundry tips include not worrying about the mess while the fun is happening, but have a plan for when that fun is over. Get the entire family involved and safely navigate home responsibilities and chores while remembering the #PacketsUp laundry room safety we shared last year. I put my packets up because my daughters are adventurers and curious about everything.

Go jump in those puddles with your kids! Then worry about the laundry when you get home.

Family laundry tips

Don’t worry about the mess they’re making now.

Stain removers and good detergent can handle the messes so you can let your children enjoy being little with big messes outside. Some of our best memories were made when we all took off our shoes and jumped in the mud together.

Make memories now and worry about the memories later.

Let them play

When my youngest daughter wanted to wear her new mermaid dress up outfit to the beach, I didn’t say no. I knew it would end up absolutely filthy, covered in sand, and maybe even ruined. But it was okay because it turned out to be one of the best days of her three-year-old life.

Don't be afraid to let your kids wear their favorite mermaid costume to the beach. It might be the best day ever.

As much fun as we have outside, little sister explores that same way in our home. She always notices the new things and, on many occasions, has helped herself to discover anything and everything behind closed cabinets. If it’s not locked away and fully out of sight, it could be played with. Setting appropriate boundaries is crucial but that’s not enough to make sure your curious young children won’t test those boundaries. Watch the Through Their Eyes video to understand how to keep toddlers safe by seeing the world from their perspective.

Ask them to help

Laundry is not an age appropriate chore for younger children. But when you have a young child who wants to do everything her big sister does, it’s important to give them that independence in a safe environment. Little sister gets to put the laundry in the washing machine and sometimes moves it from the washer to the dryer when it’s done. What she does not get to do is see me add detergent or laundry packets before starting the wash cycle. I don’t want to empower her to believe she is capable of doing this on her own.

When you have little helpers in the laundry room make sure you're giving them age appropriate tasks and keeping the family safe.

Keep your packets up

The American Cleaning Institute is working to educate parents on the importance of proper use and storage of liquid laundry packets. Since 2013, ACI has worked closely with industry manufacturers to equip parents and caregivers with information on the proper usage, storage and handling of liquid laundry packets.

Keep laundry packets up and away from kids!

Laundry isn’t ever going away and neither is the curious spirit in my children, so keeping my laundry packets up and making sure my children aren’t afraid to get their clothes messy is where I’m focusing more energy this spring.

Playing in the mud is the best kind of fun!

Why do you put your packets up?

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5 thoughts on “Family Laundry Tips”

  1. I’ve always kept my laundry items up and out of reach. I think if you teach your kids that these packets are for laundry only and show them how they are used, they will be less inclined to think they are play things.

  2. We don’t use laundry packets, so I have never had to worry about that. Our laundry is located in the basement, and it’s unfinished, so the kids don’t ever like to go down there (another plus for us).


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