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Growing up with a love for favorite Disney Princesses and Villains, it’s easy to wonder what would happen if they had children. The new Disney Descendants is telling exactly that story! Imagine Maleficent’s daughter, Mal, and Cruella de Vil’s son, Carlos, attending school together while Chad Charming, son of Prince Charming and Cinderella, is not far away with Jane, the Fairy Godmother’s shy magic loving daughter. This movie is going to be epic. The movie debuts on the Disney Channel Friday, July 31st, 8:00 pm ET. You know my family will be watching with a fun Descendants party. This week I shared our party plans on the Arizona Midday news show with host Destry Jetton. We had so much fun talking about the movie with great crafts, food, and activities perfect for a Descendants viewing party complete with the Evil Queen’s punch and Chad Charming’s chocolates. The “which villain are you?” cupcakes just might have you eating more than one.


Would a Descendants party really be perfect without the Evil Queen’s punch? That iconic photo of her stirring the bubbly green potion for Snow White’s apple inspired our party punch. Sprite®, green apple Kool-Aid® and dry ice made this wonderful steamy bubbly potion. Not only is it green like the picture but it also tastes like apple which is a fun play on the character theme. Get the full Evil Queen’s Punch Recipe for your next party!


Every movie party needs popcorn! But this isn’t just any popcorn. With so many characters, I couldn’t quite decide if I was team Villains or team heroes. Your party guests will make that decision with their Descendants popcorn choice and by decorating a snack bag with character stickers. Team heroes popcorn features pink chocolate and hot pink sprinkles while the team Villains popcorn has green chocolate and purple sprinkles.


I’m sure Chad Charming is just as charming as his dad, the prince. For party treats, guests can snack on Chad Charming’s chocolates. You could use bakery chocolates or simply unwrap minis (Milky Way®, SNICKERS®, and Twix®). They look just as pretty, were quick to pick up from the store, and were an inexpensive addition to the party.


I’m most excited about the “which villain are you?” cupcakes! I ordered dark chocolate cupcakes unfrosted from our local grocery store bakery. Then cut out a hole in the center and filled them with frosting and sprinkles matched with Villains from the movie – orange frosting with gold sprinkles for Jafar, green frosting for the Evil Queen, and white frosting with white and black sprinkles for Cruella De Vil. Each cupcake is topped the same with black frosting. You don’t know which villain cupcake you get until you take a bite!


Craft activities are great for younger children. King Beast and Princess Belle have a son excited at the thought of one day being King. Ben’s crowns were a fun boy craft while the girls made Jane’s magical wands. 


Displaying the party on Arizona Midday was a blast and I am looking forward to recreating it during the actual live movie debut this Friday. Watch the live Arizona Midday Descendants party segment to see the party in action!


For more fun, print the Disney party activities and decorations to use at your Descendants party!

Which Descendants character are you most looking forward to learning about when the movie plays live Friday, July 31st, on the Disney Channel?

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  1. The punch looks awesome! I’m planning on making the punch for my daughter descendants birthday party that’s in a week. Can you tell me how to make it please?

  2. I’m guessing no one got a response on the punch. I was interested as well. Don’t you have to be really careful with the dry ice?


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