Easy DIY party banner

Hosting a party can easily get expensive but with a few DIY decor projects, you can create a great party without overspending. For my recent pink and gold baby shower I sewed an easy DIY party banner using poster board, cardstock, and a paper punch.


Easy DIY party banner tutorial


  • poster board or cardstock in your preferred color (poster board is less expensive than individual pieces of card stock at most crafting stores)
  • circular paper punch (I used a 3″ punch)


Use hole punch to make circles for banner.


Sew circles together with sewing machine. Sew slowly and feed the paper pieces by hand.


Hang banner to add an inexpensive and creative decoration at your next party! The easy DIY party banner added just the right amount of sparkle to my pink and gold baby shower.


Do you make your own party banners too?

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