DIY glitter champagne flutes

When planning my pink and gold baby shower, I envisioned excessive gold glitter. Sparkly DIY glitter champagne flutes were the perfect way to serve guests a bubbly simply fruit punch mocktail. We had a few of the plastic champagne flutes left after the baby shower and have been feeling pretty fancy using them at home for sparkling water and juice waiting for the baby to arrive.


DIY glitter champagne flutes tutorial 


Brush moderate amount of Mod Podge near bottom of champagne flute. Don’t worry about getting it perfect; a glittery stem is okay too.


Pour glitter into plastic bag and carefully place champagne flute with wet Mod Podge in bottom. Gently shake until glitter has completely covered visible Mod Podge. Set aside to dry completely.


Spray glittered area of champagne flutes with Mod Podge clear acrylic sealer. Be careful to only spray near bottoms of flutes. Allow to dry completely.


Carefully wash inside of champagne flutes by hand with dish soap. The glitter can get wet but I would not suggest fully immersing in water. Dry and serve a pretty mocktail (or cocktail if it’s not for the mommy to be) at your next party. 


The DIY glitter champagne flutes looked so pretty and fit in perfectly with the decor at my pink and gold baby shower.


What would you serve to guests in glitter champagne flutes?

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