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When you finally find a way to get your sweet new baby to love their own space and sleep somewhere other than in your arms, it’s a magical moment. For me, that magical moment came when my oldest daughter was six months old. I had six months of snuggling her soft newborn goodness all day long. Every nap was done while either sleeping on top of me or in a carrier strapped onto my body. Of course it was wonderful but it was also exhausting. Eventually our baby started sleeping with a lovey and transitioned to daytime naps in her crib. Six years later, baby #2 loves that same lovey, the one we only have one of that came from an unknown baby shower guest many years ago, equally. Imagine if we had two identical lovies and how easy it would be to simply throw one in the wash, while the other is snuggled by baby. My double lovey baby gift will help a friend not panic over every moment the beloved lovey is lost. In the meantime, I’ll be washing my sweet snuggle bug’s favorite lovey with Snuggle® PLUS SuperFresh™. Only Snuggle® delivers Snuggly Softness™ for her favorite lovey.   

double lovey baby gift

In the chaos of new motherhood almost eight years ago, I remembered we had received the cutest flat pink horse guaranteed to be snuggled by baby and turn into a comfort lovey. My daughter quickly became attached to her lovey and slept with it for several years. I gave no second thought to offering that same lovey to our new baby. She quickly decided her “horsie” would go everywhere with her. They would take naps, play at the park, go to daycare, visit the bakery and do all the wonderful things a creative one year old would do with her soft snuggly best friend, “horsie”.  

baby lovey bakery counter

For well over a year I have watched as my sweet baby girl has dragged poor “horsie” through the dirt and every other germ infested surface imaginable. I wash it every opportunity I get but she has is very quick to notice if her lovey is missing. Everyday is a new day hoping we do not permanently lose the lovey her big sister was gifted eight years ago.

favorite lovey

September 9th was national Teddy Bear Day making it a very special month for Snuggle®. For the 2nd straight year, they launched the #ShareABear campaign to help make the world a softer place, one teddy bear at a time. Along with Snuggle donating 5,000 bears to children in need because something as small as a teddy bear can brighten someone’s day, I created the double lovey baby gift to help new parents alleviate the struggle of losing a favorite lovey.

snuggle plus baby gift

Although my sweet baby girl is not quite sure about trading her “horsie” for the Snuggle® bear, she has definitely shared some awe inspiring snuggly moments with him. I’m sharing her many favorite Snuggle® bear moments at the Snuggle® Bear Den, a place where parents can explore tips and tricks, offers and prizes.

baby gift lovey and snuggle bear

Double Lovey Baby Gift:


baby gift two lovies

I purchased everything you need for the Double Lovey Baby Gift at Walmart.

Snuggle at Walmart

Print the free printable. Place the two lovies, laundry detergent and dryer sheets in a basket for the perfect Double Lovey Baby Gift! Share with a new parent so they can create those favorite Snuggle® moments too.

gifting tip: when packaging gifts for new parents, use a basket or tub they can repurpose as storage in the nursery!

new baby lovey gift basket

Do you have any tips and tricks to surviving with just one favorite lovey? 

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  1. What a sweet story and awesome idea. Aiden never took to lovies, but Emi latched onto a bear I got for a gift and hasn’t let go. Baby bear eats breakfast with us, goes in the car, and has to be there for every sleep.


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