Disneyland food magnets DIY Disney decor

I recently attended the TECHmunch Los Angeles food blogging conference at the Disneyland resort. I learned so much and met a great group of new friends. We had many opportunities to learn about the amazing dining options at the Disneyland resort. We also had some free time to explore the parks. While there I purchased an entire set of food magnets. The magnets perfectly represent some of my favorite food memories in Disneyland (not counting the amazing memories I made with Mom Endeavors and Clever Pink Pirate learning about gourmet dining during the conference). The magnets made the perfect DIY Disney decor for my new Disneyland themed family game room.

Disneyland food magnets DIY Disney decor

Without being told otherwise, the magnets could easily be mistaken for real Disneyland treats. The turkey leg, Mickey ears ice cream, donut, Mickey pretzel, Mickey ears rice krispy, and churro have very realistic details and colors. 

Disneyland food magnets

We visit Disneyland very often and my daughter’s most favorite meal in the park is a turkey leg and churro. Looking at these magnets makes me remember her very first time eating a turkey leg. My favorite memory of churros at Disneyland is the time my daughter was a toddler sitting on my husband’s shoulders enjoying her churro while accidentally sprinkling sugar in his hair.

Disneyland churro and turkey leg magnets

The DIY disney decor magnet board can be made a few different ways. You could make something similar to my teacher appreciation magnetic frame or simply purchase a magnetic board.

Disneyland food magnets and board

 The magnetic board had easy sticky corners for hanging on the wall. 

magnet board hanger

I placed the magnetic board on the wall in our Disneyland themed family game room and added the Disneyland food magnets. 

decorate with a Disneyland food magnets board

The board can be used for memos or left alone to be a fun display reminding you of your favorite Disneyland memories. 

What is your favorite Disneyland food?

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