Decorating Children’s Bedrooms | Made to Measure Wall Murals

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Decorating Children’s Bedrooms

We are close to being in our new home for an entire year. The time has flown by and everyday I’m checking off big projects on my to do list. Most recently I transformed my home office from the room where all unopened boxes were stacked to a functional workspace and crafting area. The completion of that much needed project had both my daughters asking when I was planning to update their bedrooms too. Dreading allowing them to select their own paint colors and what that project might look like, I was excited to sit them down at my computer to select a room theme with made to measure wall murals from Wallsauce.

Wallspace has an excellent selection of ocean themed wall murals to add magic and imagination to your child's bedroom.

Made to Measure Wall Murals

Little sister is dinosaur obsessed and quickly decided she wants the Wee Rex wall mural. 

A large dinosaur mural is a perfect addition to your child's bedroom!

It’s an excellent choice for our brave dino loving girl. She loved the dinosaur photo she brought home from her ultimate dinosaur party when she turned three years old earlier this year. The photo will be a great framed addition to the dinosaur mural in her bedroom.

The Pangaea T-Rex is a fun photo opportunity!

My oldest daughter has always had a deep fascination with the ocean and marine animals. While in preschool, I painted a wavy line with the bottom two-thirds of her room in a bright turquoise for an under the sea adventure with the top third sky blue. She loved her room for many years but eventually asked to update it to a princess theme and then back to the ocean. Now with a fully blank slate in her new bedroom, she asked if I could paint the planets, a rocket and astronaut. I certainly cannot but she has narrowed her ideas down to a handful of Wallsauce wall mural selections that she can’t wait to get ordered.

Wallsauce murals have an excellent selection of space murals for your child's bedroom.

Personally, I hope she decides to order the The Astronaut because it’s an excellent reminder that she can be anything she wants when she grows up and her passion for science will take her far. is not your everyday wall mural website. Instead of you having to cut the mural to fit your wall, you provide your wall measurement to Wallsauce and they create your perfectly sized made to measure wall mural. The murals are available in classic, premium or peel and stick options. The classic and premium mural options include “paste the wall” adhesive and the peel and stick option is a textured fabric that simply sticks to your wall with no adhesive required.

Made to measure sports stadium wall murals are an excellent addition to your child's bedroom.

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Which children’s wall murals would your child want in their your bedroom?

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Use a made to measure wall mural to add an incredible image to your child's bedroom!

17 thoughts on “Decorating Children’s Bedrooms | Made to Measure Wall Murals”

  1. Wow these look incredible. After decorating my first child’s nursery I’m ashamed to say I never decorated again. What fantastic ideas.

  2. These ideas are awesome! I love them! We are thinking to decorate our kid’s room next year. I will show him the pictures.

  3. Wow these are so cool! Definitely a great way to add more colour into a kid’s room. I love the one of the ocean.

  4. This is so awesome my boys would love this in their room! It would probably even make them want to sleep in their own room, with out a fight.

  5. How awesome would it be to put one on the ceiling to be the first thing you see when you wake up & the last before you drift off to dreamland!


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