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I’ve had a major sweet tooth this entire pregnancy but I’ve tried to satisfy it with healthy pregnancy smoothie recipes. For obvious reasons, it is not recommended to give in to every pregnancy food craving but sometimes your body is screaming at you for something specific and it’s hard to ignore. While I was daydreaming about all my food cravings this week, I created a recipe collection of classic pregnancy comfort foods on Foodie for this sponsored post. There are a few healthier options in the collection but I am in no way suggesting these indulgences are healthy. From fried pickles to mac n’ cheese, at one point in the past eight months I’ve craved each food added to the collection. With a short list of classic pregnancy comfort foods most pregnant women crave, lets get to the root of these cravings.

classic-pregnancy-comfort-foodsAccording to SheKnows, a popular women’s lifestyle site, the 20 most common foods craved by pregnant women include comfort foods because, “Pregnancy can be tough, and it’s totally normal to crave foods that make you think of cozy, calmer times.” Perhaps it’s the reason I think about Mexican food from my hometown daily. A regular burro enchilada style and rice sounds perfect everyday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!


my top craved pregnancy food: Mexican food from my hometown

Other reported top craved foods by pregnant women include pickles, ice cream, fruit, chips, chocolate, soda, spicy foods, lemon, ice, and coffee.


image source: SheKnows 20 foods most craved by pregnant women

While pregnant with my first daughter I ate about a thousand tootsie roll midgees. And I also gained 60 pounds. This time around I haven’t had one tootsie roll but I’ll admit while working on this post yesterday I did drive to KFC for fried chicken. I’ll reiterate, I am in no way claiming my diet habits or the suggestions in this post are healthy. My recipe collection of classic pregnancy comfort foods is reflective of a pregnant lady daydreaming about food all day until baby arrives soon. Yes, that’s me.

What are you craving today?

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Disclosure: This “classic pregnancy comfort foods” recipe collection is part of a sponsored post by Foodie. I personally selected each recipe to be added to the collection. All opinions and ideas are entirely my own.

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