How to Train Your Dragon Chocolate Dragon Tail Pudding Cups

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How to Train Your Dragon
Chocolate Dragon Tail Pudding Cups

For the past few years Toothless has been a favorite character in our home and Light Fury made an excellent addition. The How to Train Your Dragon films are often requested before bedtime and we are so excited for the release of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World now available at Best Buy. We made How to Train Your Dragon Chocolate Dragon Tail Pudding Cups to celebrate for the film’s release this week.

The chocolate dragon tails are the perfect accessory to an after school snack and make a great movie night treat.

The epic conclusion of the story about the friendship of a lifetime is surely to be on repeat in our home this summer. The How to Train Your Dragon collection of films in an exclusive SteelBook is an excellent gift idea and will keep all our favorites safely tucked away in one place.

Chocolate Dragon Tails Pudding Cups

Supplies and ingredients:

Melt chocolate in small container and transfer to piping bag or small plastic bag with corner snipped off. Place dragon tail template on cookie sheet and cover with parchment paper. Carefully outline the dragon tails in appropriate colors – milk chocolate for Toothless and white chocolate for Light Fury. Then use chocolate to draw tail definition lines over the original chocolate tail.

Prepare pudding cups by adding sugar to top of vanilla pudding. This gives the pudding a sparkly look to match Light Fury’s pretty appearance in the film.

Before the Light Fury chocolate tail is dry, sprinkle with sugar for sparkle effect. Place tails in refrigerator to harden. You can alternatively put them in the freezer to set quicker if you’re close to starting your home movie night when you decide to put this snack together. After chocolate tails harden add them to pudding cups for a fun treat.

Pick up your copy of all three of the How to Train Your Dragon movies in collectible SteelBook packaging at Best Buy this week.

Learn more about How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World by connecting with Hiccup and Toothless on Facebook.

Make these fun How to Train Your Dragon chocolate dragon tail pudding cups for a movie night in!

7 thoughts on “How to Train Your Dragon Chocolate Dragon Tail Pudding Cups”

  1. My kids are addicted to How to Train your Dragon. It was the first movie I took my toddler to the theater to see. They would love to make these adorable tails to go with a pudding cup! Such a cleaver idea!

  2. That’s one of my fav cartoons! I’ve never been thinking I could use this theme for preparing such chocolate dragon tales. Great idea! 🙂


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