Crabby Snack Sandwiches

I sent snacks with my daughter to preschool again yesterday.  This week her class is learning about crustaceans so I thought it would be fun to make a crab shaped snack.  My daughter was so excited to share crabby snack sandwiches with her classmates!  Our crab shaped cookie cutter is from Wilton’s 50 piece animal … Read more

Octopus Snacks

Today it was my daughter’s turn to bring snacks to preschool.  The classroom has been ocean themed this week so I thought it would be fun to bring in something related.  Octopus snacks were perfect! Ingredients:-peanut butter-ritz crackers-pretzel sticks-raisins Apply a thin layer of peanut butter to the back of two crackers.  Stick eight pretzel … Read more

Potluck Tip: Labels and a Sharpie

This week I hosted a Cinco De Mayo fiesta potluck for my daughter’s play group.  It was fun seeing and tasting all the themed dishes.  I knew with a fiesta potluck there may be a few dishes that wouldn’t be easy to recognize or know ingredients with out first taking a bite.  To make this … Read more

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