"Fish in the Pond" Preschool Snacks

I was so excited when I saw it was my daughter’s turn to bring snacks to her preschool class.  I started a “preschool snack ideas” board because I had so much fun finding cute ideas online.  The board only has a few pins but it was a good start.  I showed my daughter the pictures and asked which snack she would like to share with her friends.  She picked the goldfish in the pond rice cakes.  They were fun to make, healthy, and yummy!

-goldfish crackers
-rice cakes
-blue food coloring (I used gel)
-whipped cream cheese

Start by mixing your blue dye into the cream cheese.  I used about half the tube of gel.

Spread a thin layer of cream cheese onto each rice cake.

Top the cream cheese with goldfish and you’re done.  

Tip: If your goldfish have smiley faces be sure to face them upright or you will end up with a pond full of dead fish!

My daughter told me her friends loved this fun snack.

Confession: while making these I ate a rice cake with a little cream cheese and loved it too! 

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