DIY Stuffed Animal Stuffy

My daughter has seen a commercial for a stuffed toy with a secret pocket several times this week.  She really wanted to order one until I suggested we make our own. I told her we could use any stuffed animal she already owned.  She chose her big Easter bunny from last year.  She loves this … Read more

Fabric Stamps: a Quick Fix to Stained Clothes

I’ve used fabric stamps to “fix” a lot of my daughter’s stained clothes but I never thought to use them on my own clothing.  This week I tried a grown up version of fabric stamping and loved the outcome. I have a bright yellow dress from last summer.  It’s a cute summer dress but can … Read more

Mod Podge and Tissue Paper Earrings

A few days ago I was standing in line at the grocery store and noticed a girl wearing a really pretty pair of earrings.  I was staring at her earrings and decided they looked like something I could make.  I’m so glad I tried something new! Supplies:-Chip Board -Mod Podge and brush-Tissue Paper-Pattern for earring … Read more

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