No Sew Costume: Bird’s Nest in a Tree

Last night I went to a Halloween festival wearing a fun costume I put together in less than an hour.  My bird’s nest in a tree required no sewing and was made completely from items I already had at home.


  • Green shirt (tee, cardigan, or sweater)
  • Green and brown felt
  • Markers
  • Fabric Glue
  • Toy nest and bird

The tree sweater only took a few minutes to make.  I found a green cardigan that I’m sure I’ve never worn hanging in my closet.  The leaves were cut with out a pattern from different colors of felt.

I quickly used a marker to draw some details on the leaves.

My initial plan was to sew the leaves on the sweater but then I realized fabric glue would make this a quick project.  My three year old daughter wanted to help with the costume so I let her stick the leaves to the sweater after I had applied fabric glue to the back of the felt.

She did a great job!

The nest is made with a toy from my daughter’s playroom.  Years ago she received a Wild Republic nest and set of plush birds for a gift.  She agreed to let me borrow the nest and one of the birds to make a headband for my costume.  I didn’t want to do any permanent damage to the nest so instead of permanently attaching it to a headband, I cut four small slits on the bottom of the nest.  I made sure not to cut through the top of the nest (the slits are not visible on top).  The headband slid through the slits to hold it in place.

I used a small amount of fabric glue to attach the bird to the top of the nest.

I wore brown pants to go along with the tree theme but this would also work with green pants or jeans.  My costume was very popular with little kids once they learned my bird could chirp!

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