Cassette Tape Vase

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Cassette Tape Vase

Summer in the 90’s…what’s your favorite memory? For many it’s the TV shows, neon framed sunglasses and cassette tapes. Zima® is another 90’s icon you weren’t expecting to make a comeback but surprise, it’s here for a limited time this summer to help you bring back all those favorite memories. We’re celebrating the summer with the citrus beverage only here for a short time and a new festive table centerpiece, our cassette tape vase.

Do you remember Zima®? It's back for a limited time and we made this easy cassette tape vase to celebrate.

While it was close to impossible to find cassette tapes on shelves, I did have some fun on a little treasure hunt while I was picking up Zima®. We have a stack in our home, but they have too many summer memories recorded on them to use in a DIY project. Please tell me you recorded your favorite songs live streaming from the radio onto a cassette tape too and felt annoyed when the radio DJ talked over the intro or ending.

Quickly spray paint cassette tapes with neon paint for a fun party decoration.

Neon spray paint, blank cassette tapes and Zima® will bring you right back to the 90’s this summer.

Zima® is making a quick comeback this summer and is perfect for a throwback party featuring more favorites like spray painted neon cassette tapes.

Cassette Tape Vase instructions


  • cassette tapes
  • neon spray paint
  • tall thin vase
  • short vase larger than tall vase

Easily turn blank cassette tapes into 90's party decor with neon colored spray paint.

We currently have rainbow flowers displayed on our kitchen table in the cassette tape vase. The bright colors are a great addition to the 90’s throwback.

Rainbow flowers are the best to display with a neon cassette tape vase.

Fully coat the cassette tapes with neon spray paint. Allow first side to dry, flip over and coat the back. We used cans of bright blue, pink, orange and yellow.

Spray paint blank cassette tapes with neon spray paint for a fun throwback party.

Trim your flower stems and arrange in tall thin vase with water. Place tall vase in center of short vase.

Use two vases to make a cassette tape vase table display with neon cassette tapes.

Arrange neon cassette tapes in space between the two vases. Depending on the width of the gap, your tape arrangement could include just a few tapes or many.

Use two vases and spray painted cassette tapes to make this fun cassette tape vase.

Continue stacking tapes until the bottom of the vase is full of neon cassette tapes.

Paint cassette tapes with neon spray paint for some nostalgic fun this summer.

Display with colorful flowers for a festive 90’s summer party or simply because you want a reason to smile in the morning.

Zima® is back for a limited time and inspired this fun cassette tape vase with bank cassette tapes spray painted in neon colors.

How will you celebrate a favorite decade this summer? If you live in the desert like me, you could add this theme to a dinner in the desert party!

Learn more about Z2K, “the end of Zima® is near…again,” by connecting with the iconic citrus drink on Facebook and Instagram.

Make this fun cassette tape vase by spray painting blank cassette tapes with neon colors.

12 thoughts on “Cassette Tape Vase”

  1. I think back to all the old cassettes I had when i was younger….that are now in the landfill. I could have done so many cool things with them…like this vase.

  2. What a great throwback post! I had cassette tapes all over my room from all those recordings from the radio I did! Then when I was finally old enough to drink…Zima was the coolest sounding thing around to do so with.

  3. Oh my gosh is this bring me back to my childhood! I didn’t even know you could buy cassettes anymore. In the drink oh my gosh that was like THE drink to have LOL. How very creative!

  4. I’ve never tried ZIMA before. It looks refreshing. Love the vase idea. It’s such a clever idea. Would be perfect for summer gatherings.

  5. That is a great way to use all those old cassette tapes I have lying around. It does add plenty of color to the table!


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